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  1. Anywho, where to begin? LUX, my state's big BMX store had their EoFY sale and a buddy who I've been riding local parks with for the past few months decided he'd do the 'full custom build' thing I like to do with his tax cheque. He picked everything out from their website, linked me the cart and I reviewed everything and suggested some small changes. He picked it all up and brought it to my house to put together as he has little room at his unit and I have "all the right tools and shit". His custom Sunday Park Ranger with an Eclat parts package and BSD Revolution wheelset, poorly photo'd by me.. I spent about an hour on it over the following two days and it's bombproof and dialled in. So, the following Tuesday (last week) we decided to go to Browns Plains skate park but the night before I eat something that leaves me feeling too crap to ride the next day so I bail on the session in the morning. I get this message at around 3:45pm: "It's not good, surgery in the morning" accompanying this image: He says he went to the skate park anyway and feeble ground a down-ledge 5 times and then either he didn't get his peg up on the ledge or it slipped off the next time he hit the ledge. I know the feeling, it's a panic situation. Whichever way it went, when he felt it go wrong he put his foot down but felt something give way so let himself fall. At the bottom of the ledge and rail set, laying in a bearded heap, he noticed his leg was clearly broken, as his foot was off at an angle that isn't natural. He wiggled around, straightened it out and by then a kid's mother came over and he requested she call the ambulance. Another kid's father loaded his new bike into the back of his car for him and then he called his roommate to pick his vehicle up. The ambulance arrived after about 45 minutes and took him to hospital. There he is, bearded and all fucked up. He kindly highlighted the ledge for me in the pic so I knew which part of the park he died on. Some fuckin' random kid right up in it all, lol. Think his roommate took this pic, IDK: Seen him in hospital on Friday, they released him yesterday. Here's one of his leg X-Rays: He broke both his Tibia and Fibula and needed 4 screws and that long ass titanium rod put in. He's in a moon boot and will be out of action for 3 months. I feel guilty as fuck. If I had of been there, the timing would have been different and maybe that wouldn't have happened. Fuk. I needed to cheer myself up and an easy way to do that is 'retail therapy'. So, I bought a new Street Sweeper frame and built her up on Sunday evening. Rode it yesterday and today, came close to eating shit both days. Ugh. Add to all of this, one of our very own XBA staff broke his damn foot today and is also in a moon boot! I won't say who, they can tell their brave story of fighting off lion poachers while escaping lava filled earthquakes, if they feel the need, but it seems like everyone is getting rekt right now! Stay safe, people!
  2. Similar to the Left 4 Dead games, Back 4 Blood offers pretty linear paths through levels with only minimal options. There is no map or marker to guide you. You have to battle the hordes and learn on the fly! Some would argue it's part of the fun but I can understand how not knowing where to go can be frustrating. If you're really struggling on where to go next, I'd suggest watching a video of the particular level to get you back on the path.
  3. Finished up TMNT: Shredder's Revenge yesterday and an hour later Naraka: Bladepoint (90/1000G) was available to play in my region. I jumped straight into a match and won. Then won my next 3 matches before finally getting overwhelmed by half the damn lobby and ripped to shreds. Here's a snippet of me jumping two teams that were fighting each other. I ruined their day! My damn teammate chased after me and stole my last kill.. Not sure who he thinks he is helping his teammate like that?!
  4. I'll try to get in on this. Still yet to play the game so I have no real idea what I'm in for..
  5. Welcome aboard, Dom! Have you tried the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game on GamePass?
  6. Had a session yesterday and again this morning on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge (730/1000G) via GamePass. While it appears two of the achievements bugged out on me, it's been an absolute blast nonetheless! I got the 1CC achievement today and after riding hard for the past few days, I'm not going to feel bad if I lay on the couch and play this for the rest of today 😊
  7. Nope. It's a new game made to look retro by the same team that made the fantastic Streets of Rage 4. It's on GamePass, really good and so much fun in 6-player co-op. Give it a look!
  8. Either have I, and I bought a PS4 Pro just for exclusives, lol. I'd much prefer to play it on Xbox but at this point, I don't know if it will ever come to the console. Dragon's Dogma 2, Ladies and Gentlemen!
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