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  1. What about Chapter 1 "Lockdown"? Where do I go to replay that chapter? (I know where I must go to replay all others but can't find this one)
  2. An easy way of avoiding combat is to use rage/berserker darts. Try to hit agile guards or commanders as they seem to kill the most guards.
  3. At least it did for me. Not sure what else it did because the Salt Key Assassins Contract Bug was the only one I experienced. After patching, the red dot is removed and the contract is renewed (just as it was meant to be).
  4. I tried to install it on Google Play but it says that I don't have a valid device. It would have been nice to try it at least once before I'm done with this game.
  5. Yeah, but then you wouldn't have Man-o-wars because I never saw one of them hunting me.
  6. Is it free only for the iPad? Because I have a generic android powered Tablet and a Samsung Galaxy Phone. Can i get the app for those?
  7. Has anyone managed to connect a second device yet? Is it worthwhile?
  8. Hunter or not, the stats are the same. There are lots of them in dificult areas to the south.
  9. Also, the cursor should change from the normal cursor to a red triangular reticule when you're able to fire rope arrows. If it doesn't, you are either out of range or not on target.
  10. Thanks, I came here with exactly the same problem and you saved me from a post... although I'm posting a reply, so.... never mind. Thanks
  11. 1st) The Homestead is your Davenport Colony (your base). You will unlock it when Connor goes to see Achiles for Assassin trainining. 2nd) Finding out what is missing is part of the game. Search this forum for a complete list of all the animals you must find.
  12. Usually that means they are inside mines or caves. Circle around the area looking for a mine entrance, or cave entrance. IIRC one of them was only accessible from above, you have to drop inside a shaft on the top of a small hill.
  13. I think you get most of the recipes by finding and unlocking all the chests. That's how I found my soap recipe, anyway. You should focus on that before crafting anything.
  14. ...a Repeat Last Selection button for the trade screen. Choosing 12-14 Beaver/Bear pelts for a Naval Escort to St-Augustine is very time consuming.
  15. If you mean the Boston Lights, it's somewhere around Beacon Hill, maybe SW of it.
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