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  1. The “Collect All Gear” achievement has the potential to be buggy, but nothing else is missable in the game. There are also accessibility options that provide reduced enemy damage and increased damage output to allow a quicker experience for those wanting it.
  2. Beginning the unpleasant grind of Minecraft Dungeons' battle pass rank nonsense. Pray for me.
  3. RNG has nothing to do with rewards for floors in the tower. They are fixed. There is variance across difficulties, but they will be the same each run you take in a single difficulty. Each piece of equipment will even have the same enchantments available.
  4. Difficulty selection does not matter, and playing in a custom co-op game allows infinite ammo.
  5. 15 missions, each with a length of 30-45 minutes. Side objectives are marked, so deep exploration isn’t required.
  6. I recently completed Yakuza 3 Remastered, and admit I have fully become a Yakuza fanboy. I took a brief break from the series to clear out some of my shorter games in my backlog. This week I played Unpacking and Kill it With Fire and enjoyed them both. Unpacking is a very relaxing experience and KIWF is a fun little spider-killing game. I also started Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator and expect I'll finish it tonight. I just need to grind cash and reputation to get those sweet small intestines. 🤑🤢
  7. The Legend difficulty is simple when played in NG+ with the Golden Pistol. The difficulty in the game comes from a few minigames (bowling and golf were the hardest for me) and the Ultimate Matches. These are nowhere near as hard as some of the other games’ climax battles, but a few of them are pretty tough. Challenge 9 where you chase Mack is generally agreed to be the hardest, mostly because of the weird coding in the xbox version. You must be very precise with your movements or Kiryu will inexplicably stop sprinting. For the tougher fights in Ultimate Match, I used the tried and true method of running away when my health was low to build up Heat, then doing a heat action like Essence of Rolling. The hardest for me was One on One 3 vs Joji because you don’t have Essence of Rolling. I substituted throws and ground Heat actions here.
  8. The only hard part is discerning exactly what certain items are and where the game wants them placed. Once every item is out of the boxes, anything out of place will have a red aura and any room with a misplaced item will flash on your floor plan.
  9. Normal play of the game took me around three hours. If you’re concerned with the completion over the experience, you can get that down to around an hour with the accessibility option to place any item anywhere turned on.
  10. The Title Update 1.18.0 “Caves and Cliffs Part 2” achievements are missing from every platform that has the available update except the base Xbox One Version Minecraft (Android) Minecraft (iOS) Minecraft (Win 10) Minecraft (Nintendo Switch) Minecraft (Kindle Fire) Feels like Home - 20G Take a Strider for a loooong ride on a lava lake in the Overworld. Caves and Cliffs - 30G Freefall from the top of the world (build limit) to the bottom of the world and survive. Star trader - 20G Trade with a villager at the build height limit. Sound of Music - 10G Make the Meadows come alive with the sound of music from a jukebox. I’ll return to format, because formatting on mobile is dumb
  11. Some of this time is highly dependent on luck in the minigames. The physics for the pins in bowling don’t always behave properly, and the putting in golf is very finicky. For mahjong, don’t bother playing in Ryukyu. The difficulty is much higher. Play in Kamurocho. What will take the longest is the substories. You have to complete all 118 substories, all 20 hitmen, and all the IF7 fights to unlock the final Amon substory. You have to date all 10 hostesses to unlock their individual substories as well. You don’t have to complete every Completion List category thankfully, but the items you get from completing the Lockers and Heat Actions are helpful. You must complete the game on Hard to unlock Legend, so a full play on Normal followed by speed runs in New Game+ for Hard and Legend is the best course. With the items from completing Substories and Lockers, a single speed run of the game should be under 3 hours.
  12. Quick question from a new subscriber. One of the benefits listed was hourly scans. Is that live yet, or is it still being parsed with all the new data for the website update for live tracking? I haven't received an update in about 10 days.
  13. Thanks. I suppose I am illiterate, because I thought I read the article in its entirety.
  14. I saw that you can be scanned more frequently as a subscriber, but I can find zero info on how to become a subscriber.
  15. I couldn’t agree more. I’m fairly pleased with the post-release content and support they’ve provided for the game, but the achievements are a very obvious attempt to incentivize players to keep playing. I don’t think there is nearly enough content to justify the frankly insane time commitment those three versus achievements will take. Now if only they could get an operation drop correct and not mess up tracking when they add stuff. Haha
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