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  1. Did anyone else get the living shit kicked out of them by Kenny in the train cab? I fucking did, blamed the controller, but what happens if you hand Kenny his arse on a plate?
  2. Thank ye bud, I now got 3 new challenge series for fuck all. Shame you need a gold account to post times though, I blame ea the shitheads.
  3. I'm sorry to sound like a billy no mates but what the fuck is wrong with autolog on this game? Friends have played this game but are not on any of the challenge times. I had no probs with hot pursuit, even got cheeves with a silver account ton that one. Do you need a gold for this fucker?
  4. The only challenge that keep's fucking me over is the edge. I turn up the brightness to the max and I still cant see the fucking road. Going to try it in first person or buy a very bright and expensive tv.
  5. Ok so we all know this game is an insult to the franchise so all dlc should be free shouldn't it? If gearbox had any conscience they would make it thus. Why reward these fuckers?
  6. No cheeves is another good reason not to buy this tiny unlock code which should have been included on the disc. Save your money.
  7. Anyone got a clue what the 2 bonus games are? Ikari Warriors & Flying Shark would make me as happy as a pig in shit.
  8. 400 MSP ain't too bad mate, you get 3 arcade classics. But they can fuck right off if they think I'm paying 800 for the other IDENTICAL game packs.
  9. Thanks for the warning, I'll make a second game save to a fucking pen drive now.
  10. I'm sorry people but this game sucks fucking balls, I'm so glad I didn't have to pay for it, fucking awful!
  11. It's signing me in quick now, they must have patched it. I still blame Shit ops 2 though.
  12. Ever since that fucking Blops 2 garbage It's become a right pain in the arse to sign in to MW3 online. Either the servers are down or it takes fucking ages to connect to xbox live. I don't usually whinge but I love this game too much not to.
  13. It logged me in just after this post, probably due to Lag Ops II.
  14. The COD MW3 server is not available at this time. Anyone else getting this?
  15. Fucking grammar police, fuck your spell checks and go back to your shitty game. We created the English language, especially the word WANKER which suits you perfectly.
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