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  1. Keeps coming up with an error when I try to send a gift to a fifa playing friend, any ideas?!
  2. Looking for all the co-op ones, add me mjstokes85
  3. Well that thread about the x360a club seems to have vanished and they won't accept my request so I am up for it!
  4. Took me 4 hours! You need to make the most of the multipliers from the front buckets. Hold down rb and hold x all the way down to drill a pass in to the front bucket, repeat 3 or 4 times then go for the long pass and you will get it.
  5. Well done, very impressive on such a hard game!
  6. So I have done as it says and played a game of the week, I lost it, and it didn't unlock. It doesn't say I have to win it but typical EA not explaining achievements correctly it wouldn't surprise me if you do have to win it, anyone had this issue?
  7. mjstokes85

    Beast Mode

    Definitely glitched, I got it and it didn't even pop up.
  8. I am looking to boost any of the co-op ones or online ones. mjstokes85
  9. Wish I had watched this vid before! Anyway managed to do it with Xavi last night after 4 hours trying haha. The irony is the Gold crossbar challenge is so easy I got 108,000 points on it! Can I also add on the silver one to get the multiplier just use drilled pass, hold rb and fully hold down x, it will go in the front bins 99/100 times, easy.
  10. Still opening packs, still getting nothing.
  11. Still haven't got this stupid achievement! I have spent all my coins and even given in and bought FIFA points.
  12. Just spent another 60k the other day opening packs, still nothing. Must have spent over 600k on packs and got nothing. It's so annoying as I am good at the game, I have all the achievements that require skill, yet I cannot 100% it due to this.
  13. Bought 2 of the packs, got Balotelli and Kagawa, might make half my money back. Still no IF
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