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  1. it takes less effort adding this Catherine (2) Japan Rest of the world Brink (2) Japan Rest of the world to the list, than telling your life story, pants...see ya!
  2. as i said above, i look at changelogs more often, but only if they are complete, like in "quick 1000" topic. here u get a number (2) but u cant know which are the versions, so its useless
  3. i do the same, but whats the point if there is brink (2) and catherine (2), and theres no way to know which are the 2 versions?
  4. whats the point of editing changelog, when nothing has changed in the main part??? and please dont involve your life troubles into a gaming forum. its ridicolous. everytime someone do an error, his excuse is always the same on this forum...
  5. whats goin on with topic??? games are added to changlog but not in the list???
  6. no matter. finally i got S rank items and it makes a lot of difference!
  7. yes i got answer few minutes after posting. once in rage i get a red aura around character. i thought also health bar had to blink
  8. does it work? even if i go low health, i never get the red blinking bar, like in arcade mode
  9. is it possible to get achievements in co-op campaign? i mean the online campaign. not local
  10. looking to boost. ill be online in 15min, and playing for 3-4 hours
  11. changing date from xbox options...
  12. feel free to add me to any boosting exp party. invite me to party when we are waiting to be in 6. then to game, once we are in 6
  13. 1)Damian83 2)Master SS x360a 3)DynamiteOrphan 4)AbyssalTears 5)xXxPrimevalxXx 6)peteyfresh12 Reserves 7)IV FS199 VI Reserves list still open cause many people arent online and its 1 hour before we start boosting
  14. 1)Damian83 2)Master SS x360a 3)DynamiteOrphan 4)AbyssalTears 5)xXxPrimevalxXx 6)peteyfresh12 ok we are full! tomorrow 4pm (GMT+1).we will boost in alliance mode like described in achievement guide. we will be focusing only on getting EXP. we will do abstergo employee after getting lv50
  15. add me on xbox live than ill add u in the list
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