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  1. Looking for help with the online achievements on this GT: Lord Townicus If you do add me do message me saying who you are please haha
  2. Looking for help with the online achievements on this GT: Lord Townicus If you do add me do message me saying who you are please haha
  3. Looking for assistance with the World Traveler, Nightvision, Hard Driver and Underdog achievements. GT: Lord Townicus If you add me please do message who you are
  4. In recent months playing games online on my Xbox One in particular Overwatch and Battlefield 1 sometimes I'll get lag spikes which will last about 20-30 seconds each time, there's no pattern to this, they'll just happened out of nowhere and then stop. I was playing Overwatch last night for example for just under 3 hours and I had 4 of these lag spikes in that period. Any suggestions to solve these lag spikes would be much appreciated as they are quite annoying.
  5. Warzone, I'm the first to admit I am not a great player at Halo 5, I'm ok, bit inconsistent, I try and play to objectives but my god, it's like every single game I am in Warzone, we get creamed and lose, my record is like 5 wins and 23 losses. I'm playing solo, occasionally with a mate, and it always seems my team nobody plays for objectives, runs around with no idea what to do and plays like it's slayer and the enemy teams are always so organised with groups and teams of people running round playing for objectives and there is absolutely none of that on my team. So we just get pinned by our core and get owned again and again. I'm only one win on Escape From ARC away from getting the win on all three original Warzone maps achievement aswell and I just cannot buy a win. It's so rage-inducing when I go into a game of Warzone and it's the same thing again. Oh and the Story, I had more fun playing it on Co-Op with a friend but the Story and Campaign in general is one of the worst I have ever played. Hard to follow, hard to care, Warden getting old really fast.
  6. Just a warning regarding this pack. My game crashed in the second to last round of the European Touring Legends Championship and unlike career mode where my data would automatically be saved even if a crash occured when I went back onto Grid Autosport my progress was lost. Won't be touching the DLC Championships again.
  7. That does work but the problem is whenever its plugged into my computer it comes up with the do not disconnect screen and I can't do anything with it when usually I could sync music to my ipod with no problem.
  8. Whenever I connect my ipod to my laptop via a usb connection it comes up with the do not disconnect screen and will constantly stay on that screen without changing. I am unable to sync the music in my itunes library to the ipod whilst it is in this state aswell. Any advice how to solve this problem?
  9. Am I able to import this game from America to play on my 360?
  10. It is common practice for people to moan and whine about people rage quitting in online games and I can partly see their point in some situations. For example 1 v 1 fighting/football games but I see a justification for rage quitting in certain instances. For example say you are on a team and you are having an awful game and getting absolutely mullered. Not like you are being given a reasonable challenge I mean getting totally owned, at this point the rage builds up and in my opinion it is better for the person to quit the game and calm down rather then stay in and get more annoyed because that is what is going to happen. Another justification comes in say you are having a bad time of it online and it isn't totally your fault. it is the fault of the game whether it be in glitches, bad design decisions, terrible matchmaking. Again I think in those situations rage quitting is justified. So what do you guys think, can rage quitting online be justified?
  11. 4% on Age Of Empires Online- Not paying for stuff to get more achievements 8% on Viva Pinata- Tried to get into it twice, just couldn't 15% on Fifa 13- Only borrowed it 26% on Soul Calibur 5- Awful awful game, traded it in after two days
  12. 1) The AI (Rubberband and spikes in difficulty) 2) The huge gap between you and your opponent in terms of rank by the time you get to the third district 3) Too slow ranking up 4) The loading screen tips 5) The announcer 6) Bad collision detection It might be free but it doesn't excuse these flaws.
  13. When I first got my 360 back in December 2007 it was the first time I had played online on a console so it was a new and exciting thing for me. I chatted more often in lobbies and made a number of friends online that way. However nowadays I'm almost the total opposite. I very rarely speak in online games anymore unless I know that communication is essential to help the team win. I stay in parties and speak to people I know now and I prefer it that way. Part of the reason for this probably is the huge number of kids talking crap into their mic or just general twats that are online.
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