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  1. I never got the level six bounty. Possibly another glitch? Or are the bounties missable if you dont grab them when they very first show up?
  2. It wont give me Funzerker, Mechro, or Medbot. Activated it kike 70-80 times now at the lava pits and in town, and when I'm damaged I just get rubber ducky never medbot. No idea why funzerker or mechro wont proc.
  3. The minimum is 5 million just during the boss fight. Check your total damage before going into Orcus. If your group wipes, check it again. You must do 5 million damage during a successful Orcus fight to get credit. We have a DC that has his 25 kills and we testedit down to a tee.
  4. For pallies, double bubble might still work if that double paladin bubble damage reflection thing still works.
  5. Blizzard respecd his cleric full DPS and borrowed bonding rune stones, brutals, and a vorpal from me. I also bought him an air archon pet to put all of them on (except the vorpal of course). Companions gift is getting him to 25k power and 8k crit. He now has 9/25. Its not unobtainable, but if you dont have a DPS class or deep pockets to rebuild your support char for high damage (especially DCs) then youre pretty screwed.
  6. You should try double bubble with your pally (I can try with u on my OP) and see if that crazy bubble damage thing still works. Support spec DC and GF are fubar though.
  7. Please sign up on Arc's forums and bump this thread. There is a minimum 5-6million damage requirement (during boss fight not entire dungeon) to get credit for kills on Orcus. This screws DC and GF. OP can only get credit if the double bubble glitch still works (I dunno if it does). I play a TR so I'm fine, but this screws over support classes. http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/discussion/1215983/support-classes-arent-being-given-credit-for-final-boss-kill-in-castle-never
  8. Pausing the game stops the clock. The only thing that matters is the in-game clock when you finish the final escape. I think it even subtracts the time for the cut scenes for your leaderboard time, but I'm not sure if that would unlock the ach if you barely went over 3hrs on the in-game clock, so its best to make sure the time when you pause is unxer 3 hours when the final cut scene starts.
  9. It's actually surprisingly easy. They key is to avoid ezcessive exploration for the first 2/3rds of the game. Wait until gou get down to Vector, where the loot is worth a LOT more, to begin really focusing on getting all the mineral deposits. Even more, wait until you get the Mineral Detector upgrade, and expand your mini map to max size in the game options. If you reach the bottom of vector and are short on cash, warp back to town and take the pipe to Old World (make sure to take another teleporter with you to Old World). Use your awesome upgraded drill and mneral detector to make short work of a sweep-and-clear for Old World's minerals. There is a 4-star speedrun on youtube that the guy finished in like 1hr 5minutes. Follow allong with what he does, and you should get this easily.
  10. I did a 100% speed run video in 2hr 23min. It's on my channel if you prefer to follow along with something more thorough.
  11. Hug the left side and go down to the left. If you want more specific directions, I have a 100% completion speedrun on my KorbeKGaming youtube channel.
  12. There are also some spots on the map that are very difficult to see if you have credit for them, mostly upper corners of rooms or small alcoves beneat the ground that arent secret areas. If you check the walkthrough I wrote over on TrueAchievements, I haveincluded maps withsome of the more commonly missed areas circled in red.
  13. If they say 100% complete but are still locked, give it time. They will unlock eventually. There are a few different variations on the Done... Unlocking annoyance on xbox one, and that's just one of them.
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