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  1. Guess I chose all different answers: I fought. Figured thatd be the type of choice Chloe would do. The. Later playing the game I see Rachel is more of a rebel then Chloe is. I was mean to Joyce. Again I know how much Chloe hates David. I defended Nathan. I did this more because I like the new insult mode they put in this game so I wanted to do it. Told Rachel more then friends.....cause bowchickabowwow.
  2. I enjoyed the story and choices of this game more so then season 2. Season 1 obviously will nevee be topped, but I was sucked into this game more then season 2.
  3. 1. Helped Kate 2. Killed the doctor 3. Shared Kate's feelings 4. Tried to save Ava (figured it'd sit better with David) 5. Killed Joan. (Bitch had David's daughter killed)
  4. What if I deleted my original.vault?
  5. so ive reinstalled this numerous times. deleted my save data, and also deleted my gamertag from my system and reinstalled my gamertag and this game will still not track my achievement progress anymore. any ideas?
  6. dont know what gives then. i may need to reinstall
  7. alright so my first vault kinda went to crap so I started a new vault. Been playing for a few hours and Ive noticed my achievement trackers arent updating. anyone else that made a new vault have this issue? i deleted my first vault so I dont know how to correct this problem.
  8. I need help wireless the 700 and the win 10 online. If anyone is down shoot me a message. Gt is FlamedLiquid
  9. It's a fun game. I mean yah if you dint want to play online then you are going to be boned. I've got 500 gamerscore right now. Starting to grind the 50 head to head wins by just going all in right away on each hand. Seems to be progressingredients nicely. That billionaire achievement though? Ha.
  10. Told margeree the truth Went after Ryon Refused to marry Poisoned cotter Went back to Whitehill
  11. I think there were server issues or something because two days ago I met the requirements for play an encore in perform a show mode and play a solo without losing your streak and both didn't unlock til the next day.
  12. Mmk so I'm following the guide for 175 turns or less and got the stepladder and screwdriver. Opened the hatch and let down the ladder and burst the pipe with the screwdriver and everytime I get crushed regardless of the order I do things in and even if I press up on the dead instead of clicking to go up. I've tried like 10 times now. Seems people on trueachievements.com are having this issue to. So the game must be broken now? :/
  13. Seems a patch may have screwed up the game. I keep getting crushed in the room before the attic regardless of if I press up instead of clicking and regardless of what order I release the monster blood from the pipe. Seems others are having this issue on trueachievements.com as well
  14. So I pre-ordered the guitar bundle off amazon and they finally shipped it yesterday. I got a code emailed to me for the bonus songs. I entered it and all other did is say congratulations you now own rock band 4. So how do i get my songs?
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