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  1. Boosting pvp now, need one more Msg: zidark legendiz
  2. Anyone want to boost the pvp part of exotic bounties?
  3. anyone want to use the 2 player boosting method?
  4. looking for partner for the stasis co-op achievement
  5. online now, need someone for the achievement!! msg me: zIDark LegendIz
  6. Thinking about picking this up again to finish the last achievement I need. Can someone tell me if the multiplayer still works. thanks
  7. Does anybody know why when I replay chapters the optional missions are not available? I need collectibles from chapter 9 side mission but the key to the armory is not there. Thanks
  8. If anyone needs the moon easter egg or wants to help msg me: zIDark LegendIz
  9. i need it too, but i will not be on until a little later tonight i'll msg you thru live
  10. I need all of the new zombie achievements. Willing to help in whatever way I can. msg me: zIDark LegendIz
  11. looking for a team to do Legendary Spartan Ops and Campaign
  12. Looking for others to do Insane Beast with on Saturday at 11:00am. The session is also up on true achievements. msg me: zIDark LegendIz
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