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    In a van, down by the river.
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  1. Haha, sorry, couldn't help but notice your location.

    From that Chris Farley SNL skit where he was a motivation speaker right?

    "You don't want to end up living in a van down by the river!"

  2. If you dont mind voiding the warranty and cannot get the data switched using the cable, it is really simple to switch the two actual hard drives from one enclosure to the other. Shoot me a PM if you need some more info on how to do this. But like I said, it WILL void the warranty on the HARD DRIVE, the XBOX itself will still be covered under warranty.
  3. I come here mainly for the guides, but as of late, I have been coming here to get news updates on video games, and just to browse the forums of the games I am currently playing. I would like to see more roadmaps(GREAT feature in my opinion)
  4. Unfortunately, I dont own the game, so I have kicked 0 Keflings. GT: i can has noob Game: Outpost Kaloki X
  5. I need help with "Nothing but a good time" I have all the other achievements and van help anyone that helps, me get them. GT: i can has noob I am usually on at around 9-10pm Indiana timezone.
  6. If someone wants to set this up, mt GT is i can has noob, and I am down to help as well as get help.
  7. The ban was well worth it. I still go there to see if they will let me in, and they never do. Whenever they get a new door guy I always ask him if he knows why I am banned for life and they all know! It makes me smile that I had that much of an impact on that place, and the best picture ever!
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