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    Names Dustin, and I live in the middle of Kansas.
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    Gaming (obviously) when Im not taking care of my kiddos. Texas Hold 'Em. Music. Movies.
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  1. Died a few more times than I'd like to admit during the Cat and Mouse level. But I managed to knock this one out in just under 1 hour myself.
  2. I've been playing Trials since it released on 360 with Trials HD. Most, it not just about all, of my friends had stopped playing cause they don't like good competition. Just looking for people who like to play, and maybe want some competition. I don't find myself to be that great, but like a challenge to try to get better times. Shoot me an invite and a message that you saw me from here. Gamertag is: A ZombieTwinkie
  3. I believe I finished the .01% round before it popped for me. But, I wasn't 100% paying attention when it popped. I honestly just played it until it popped.
  4. Kind of what I was getting out of it. I'll have to give it a try later.
  5. Finally got around to playing this game. Such an amazing game. Money well spent. Also, great work on the guide! Definitely helped me out with the little miscellaneous achievements. One thing I noticed, is that the Light Up Your Life achievement may be glitchy. I finished the game, and then started to run back through it to collect all the collectibles I missed. Found a lantern on Chapter 1 I had missed, lit it, and the achievement popped. No worries. Everyone loves it when achievements pop, right!? Continued on, and at the start of Chapter 3, where you drop down and get the Nome and Lantern right at the beginning, that one wasn't lit. Wasn't for sure what caused the achievement to pop otherwise.
  6. A ZombieTwinkie And it's a tossup between Bulletstorm for me... Or Lego City Undercover for the kiddos... Hmmm.
  7. That's not a bad idea. I picked up the grenade launcher before fighting her, and still have 4 grenades to use. I never used it on her. I used about 10 or so shotgun shells from the regular shotgun while she was standing, and about 100 units from the flame thrower. Might have to keep the grenade launcher in mind when I run through the Madhouse difficulty.
  8. Hmm. I'm curious about this now. You wouldn't think it would take a different amount of time to level up different characters. Might have to drag myself away from Resident Evil 7 this weekend and run through real quick with another character. See what happens. When I finished the game, it said it took me 2 hours and 49 minutes (give or take a few minutes). And I had Jason maxed out.
  9. I know obvious question is obvious, but are you collecting as many orbs as you can after kills? I know I've missed quite a few orbs, but I'm on the last level of chapter 6, and I just maxed Jason out. And I currently have 2 hours and 56 minutes of playtime.
  10. I'm just under the 3 hour mark, and have Jason fully leveled up. And I'm just now on the final level of the 6th chapter. I don't know if I've done something different. But depending on you, and the the no damage achievements, I'm thinking maybe 20... 25 hours. Unless I go through again with the kids, and it takes longer to level up the other Rangers.
  11. I'm on the final level of chapter 6. Just maxed out Jason. All I've done was just kill and collect XP orbs. Think I've only found the two secret XP orbs that others have talked about. Not for sure what I did different, or if I just somehow got lucky... 18 playthoughs just seem too much... haha.
  12. I really only had troubles with the last door puzzle. The Hot Rod could give some people issues, if they don't know what they're looking for. All in all, it's a fairly easy game.
  13. It took me just over 4 hours to beat it on one play through, with obtaining all of the achievements. And that was with a bit of searching around and a bit of backtracking (and looking up where the Hot Rod Zipkicker is). I'd say, without a guide, 3 - 4 hours.
  14. Holy hell. Thanks for this, dude. I was honestly not looking forward to this achievement. I hardly touched any of my settlements. Not something I was really into. A friend of mine unlocked this achievement like 2 weeks ago, and she kept trying to give me tips. She literally wrote out what she had, and what she did. And it took her like a week working on it. Comparing it to this, she had waaaay more things. 20 people, 16 stores, 30ish beds... It was crazy. Like, she even wrote it out like a recipe... haha. "What you need. What to do. How long it might take. Etc..."
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