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  1. So just like a few others here I got stuck with 1 road left to find and was looking for hours. Was just doing some races and finally unlocked the last road after doing a race route I had not yet discovered but all the roads appeared to be unlocked around the track. The race was River Rush Cross Country. As soon as I got to the end it discovered my last road. Hope this helps some.
  2. looking to get into a boosting party to level up to 40. I can be on 430 central weekdays and all day weekends.
  3. That's what I did and it worked. Be sure to check your progress if your not sure if you are getting them counted toward your achievement.
  4. I tried to get this by killing one AI close to the saferoom. Going in and closing the door(be sure the others aren't in there) and opening and going to revive the AI. The achievement didn't pop. So my guess was maybe I couldn't kill the AI. So loaded up again, after turning off the alarm in the mall a tank spawned. My AI got downed, but we still managed to kill the tank. I let them bleed out before treking to the saferoom. I did as the achievement guide states. I just went into the room for a few seconds, long enough to reload and heal-up, and went back to revive one. Achievement unlocked. You may still be able to down them, but maybe killing them is where you're having problems. I was doing this with two remotes in VS of course.
  5. it doesn't help when people drop out at the end
  6. I'm looking to do 4vs4. I have 2 remotes as well.
  7. If I am really stressed after a hard day at work, I'll stop by the store and pick up a 12 pack of bud, come home and catch up on a Bluray Movie with my surround sound blaring to drowned out the stress. Of course the bud helps with that too. I can't really game, cuz sometimes that stuff just adds the stress. Especially if it is a game like MW2.
  8. Usually on Christmas Eve we would go around to my moms side and my dads side of the families and open presents. On Christmas day we would have all of moms, dads, and santas gifts under the tree to unwrap. Then we would revisite our families later Christmas Day to eat and visit. With my son, my wife and I have done things this way as well. I feel that it is more exciting for a kid to wake up to presents to unwrap thinking Santa brought them in. But that is of course my opinion, and like everything else in the world. To each his or her own, and of course Merry Christmas!!!
  9. Have you tried with Cynders Shadow power. The one where you blow black smoke? The other achievement guide on here states that the power does belong to Cynder. Pretty sure it was the shadow element then RT.
  10. Check to make sure you don't already have it in your evidence to check it. It should have a star on it. You should be able to do it at some point during that case.
  11. You have to release Steve first. When you listen to the voicemail message, highlight the end of the message(the bell sound) and listen. Then you will get a conversation. Go back and then release Steve, then the cutscene will go to jacks room, which after talking to him will give you the fingerprint.
  12. Looking to boost Face to Face and Till death do us part.
  13. I hear you man. Silent Hill Homecoming was definately a creepy game. I love scary movies, games, all that kind of stuff. Funny thing, I started playing Silent Hill at about 1 in the morning with headphones on becuase the wife and kid were sleeping. I didn't even make it through the first level, before I was like "fuck this". I started playing it again the next day only in the daytime.lol. That game was awesome and has some very weird and creepy images/moments. I think that was the only game that has had that effect on me. I've played most of the other Silent Hills on other systems and it's the same story with them all. Like you said there is just something creepy about walking around with a flashlight and hearing radio static or noises from somewhere and you have no idea what is about to happen. I think the music has alot to do with it also.
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