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  1. How long would u estimate it takes to complete AM:A (first game)?
  2. Haha! Same! I will not even buy it for £1 in the sale now...
  3. How this game is rated 6/10 for difficulty I will never know! It’s much harder than that!
  4. Oh right! That sounds like a good idea. I think you lose something when you play a game following a guide, it's always better to go through it on your own the first time. The only thing is there are so many games these days and the backlog is getting bigger!
  5. If anyone is still able to help boost online achievements for this game please drop me a message on XBL. I'm after Bros Gonna Bro and Teamwork. GT: enracer
  6. Thanks, I was wondering. I already have too many games in my list that cannot be completed, without adding another. Although it's FREE right now, my backlog is too great
  7. @oORuffusOo yeah exactly, its a bit of a ripoff as it stands... Will SeasonPass owners be able to download content once the game is delisted if they have already applied the SeasonPass key but not downloaded all the content yet?
  8. Hey all, Seeing as this game is (on the last day of) deal of the week I was wondering... Is it worth buying the Freedom Cry DLC on its own or is it better to purchase the Season Pass? Obviously there's a big difference in £3.99 vs £15.99, I guess what I'm asking is if the rest of the DLC stuff is worth bothering with or not (other than that one required for achievements)...
  9. Is there an achievement checklist for this game? It's hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done to get the achievements, especially if one doesn't stick to this game from start to finish.
  10. This game was absolute junk! I too am a fan of the movie and was very disappointed like the original poster. My only saving grace was that I played the demo first (and deleted it straight away). Horrid!
  11. If anyone wants to boost this game add me (gamer tag shown in my sig below) We can do this now or later, anytime no rush, just thought I'd put my name in the hat rather than creating a boosting session that no one turns up to
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