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  1. Dis they fix this already? I only got 11000 for selling the Rumpo Again
  2. Aha. Didn't think of the map pack mess. Games, for the most tells you if you haev a mappack mismatch. Will investigate further. Thanks for the tip But maybe UBI also couldn't be bothered to put that in.
  3. We can't get a clan match to work. One team will end up getting 'split' up before hitting the proper domination game lobby and get the "Game ended prematurely because you were alone in the session" or something like that. We can mix and match people but one team will end up with this message. Anyone had this problem recently? This is for getting that Sacred Ground achivement outta the way It is so fecking annoying. Edit: I even tried setting up a dummy and having him in my clan and that didn't work.
  4. If it autocycles the bloody events why the Hell can't they make it auto update the ribbons as well. This is just taking the piss.. Is there anyway for people without Twitter, Facebook and all other social media crap to get updated on when these feckers start spitting out ribbons? I have 7 / 30 and am slowly getting used to the thought of never getting it.
  5. It's not. I too am in the same boat. Bought the Nordic version. It only has the nordic languages on. Friend of mine bought his from the UK and it is all in English. So we are stuck with our native languages.. unless we put it on Finnish for a giggle
  6. Also on sale in Denmark. Just picked it up. Been wanting to for some time and now there was no excuse not to.
  7. Did you try for Squad Rush? I can get a hardcore Rush game no problem anytime. But I can't get a Squad Rush for the life of me..
  8. I get this message EVERY time I try joining a Rush, Squad Rush.. well pretty much everything besides Conquest. It looked like only two servers were running. A Conquest in Hard Core and a Conquest in normal. Anyone else had this problem? You can only try to find game, not create a new one.
  9. I STILL can't get Yahtzee to show up! I made a new US account, on a new US xbox and purchased only Yahtzee. And it does not show up. I can see Scrabble on the game select screen but it's locked, which is ok as I haven't bought it. And that games as far as I know is US only as well. But i did buy Yahtzee and that one does NOT show up! Anybody have any ideas for this? It's the only game that keeps me from completing Family game night. Haven't completed the a few of the others, but this one won't even show up. I'm a a loss on this one. Aready bought it twice now EDIT: Made it work. Come to think of it I might not have needed to buy it twice :/
  10. I was wondering. If any at all has bought the DLC and played it. Does anyone know if the DLC Egg hunt, and all work towards the Completionist achievement? Mainly to avoid the HARD Search/Rescue and stuff? Would it make things a little less painful and able to actually finish the challenges with just two people?
  11. Yea thanks man thats what I figured. ended up just starting over and see it as a lesson learned. Games not THAT bad but locating all Orbs a second time really isn't that much fun.
  12. I just made a major fuck up.. all my own damn fault. I apparently had an old agent saved on a memory card. I was moving my save and accidentially copied this old crappy agent onto of my nearly maxed out to 6 on all abilities agent. Now I have a gimped agent with a max of 3 in one skill and the rest are even lower. My problem is I have just yesterday found all Hidden and agility orbs so now they don't show on my guy. I assume they won't show either if I start a new campagin with the gimp agent. Now I dread to ask this question as I can't bare to hear the answer.. Is my only option to make an entire new agent and start all from scratch? Goddamn I feel useless when the bloody thing even warned me that I was overwriting another saved agent.. :(
  13. Ok I hava tried everything now.. Inviting a Vista/Win7 player to party and then go to play public and get a game. Inviting a Vista/win7 player during a game and finishing that one and after that play another game. Still nothing.. Even worse is that my damn seciondary account got it and we were both in the same party I'm sure. Am I doing something wrong? I've never heard of anyone have achievements glitch on Shadowrun but I'm at a loss here. Please help if you can. EDIT: Nevermind. Of course it unlocked 2 games after writing this.- Typical. Sorry fo rthis waste of space. Stil not sure what was wrong. Unless it also takes 8 players to unock it in Public matches
  14. Did you do all 40 kills in "ship mode"? If your ships destroy the alien ships while you are in FPS mode they will count toward that ships total, but not towards your 40 kills in "ship mode" total. Or at least that is what I believe. I have all named ship kills, ut haven't gotten the one for 40 in ship mode yet. An I know I haven't killed 40 yet from in ship mode so I'm calm as the ocean.. so far.
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