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  1. Probably been about a year since I last played it, but there were still a fair few people online at that time. Enough to fill up a couple Player matches. I'm not sure now, but I imagine it's still roughly the same.
  2. Looks pretty interesting, actually... I'm curious how it will turn out. Hope DICE can pull it off, though. BF4 was really disappointing to me.
  3. I'm impressed that the remake 9 years later doesn't really look much better than the original did. There's some more clutter, better textures... but that's about all I notice.
  4. It looks like a large door mat, almost. And they seemed harder to destroy than barbed wire. That being said, once people get used to them, they'll become less of a threat like everything. Nah, 52 isn't that high, actually. It's higher than the assault rifles, that's true, but it's not high enough. It plays like Twitch's 417, which is nearly useless because it has a lower DPS than her FAMAS with no real advantages over it. Glaz's sniper rifle does something like 3x as much damage as the 417 and even then, it's only an insta-kill on low armor operators/without Rook armor and at close to medium range.
  5. Do you mean that you hope the map has achievements or that the map comes out with the operators? Because the map is finished, it's indeed coming out on Feb 2nd for all (apparently you won't even need the season pass to play it on that date).
  6. As mentioned above, it's temporary but intended. There's some server issues that Ubi giving everyone the Season Pass bonuses is helping them to resolve. Don't ask me how it's helping... that's just their official statement on it.
  7. Definitely agree, it's very rare to see it happen. Although, I have a few times. There is a rather hilarious way that it can work in favor of the defenders, though. If a defuser in Bombs is deployed on top of one and the trap door that it's sitting on is destroyed, the defuser will fall through and the attackers will instantly lose. I've only ever seen it happen once, but it was pretty hilarious. I do that from time to time. Works even better as Fuze and with a drone in the room below. It also works both ways. If you hear someone running around on the floor above you, you can toss a C4 up onto the ceiling and detonate, with the right timing you can catch them getting ready to shoot down. In fact, if you're smart, not reinforcing a trap door ceiling can work to your advantage. I do this sometimes when I'm using an operator that has C4. Sit under the trap door and wait for enemies to come place a charge on it, then throw a C4 just outside of the trap door square itself to catch them running away or getting ready to shoot down into it. Got a triple kill doing this on Hereford once.
  8. Do you mean a ceiling below you or above you? If above you, you should definitely be reinforcing it, otherwise the enemy can breach it with a breaching charge, thermite, Ash grenade, Sledge, normal frag, etc., and once they do, they can shoot down into the area, or even drop down through it. If you mean a trap door under you, that's usually a waste of a reinforcement. It can still be breached by Ash shooting a grenade into it, a normal frag or heavy gunfire, but the benefits of doing so are debatable. At best, they can shoot up through it or toss a frag grenade, but whether or not they'd do any damage that way is totally dependent on where the trap door is and how close your team is to it.
  9. I'm getting it as well, on PC. Apparently, it's temporary, but intended. Should be getting the extra daily challenges, too.
  10. Heh, well, after a couple months of no replies, I doubt you're reading this anymore and probably got your answer already. Anyways, I don't really play CoD3 anymore in any kind of regular fashion (last time was about 2 months ago, with about a year break before that). But as of that time, I saw nobody playing on the map pack maps. Which is rather unfortunate, as they were actually quite good. You can generally see when people are hosting games on them, if I recall, it will show in the server browser as a match on "???" (pretty sure, but it's been a long time, again) if you don't own them. Or if you do, it will show the proper name of the map. So if you see a bunch of people playing on an unknown map, you know that people are playing something from the DLCs. If you don't see any such games over a period of time, then you know nobody is playing them. That all being said, you can always just pick up the map packs and try hosting a game. Maybe people will crawl out of the woodwork and join! Or maybe not.
  11. I'm not sure if it was actually any easier in Co-op or not, haha. I mean, hardcore in DR meant that dead is dead, so even in Co-op, if you bite it at the start of a mission, you're pretty much done. There's the benefit of having human teammates, but that's often as much a blessing as a curse, lol. It was definitely fun, though, had some tense games trying to finish missions on hardcore when all of my Co-op teammates were dead.
  12. Honestly, a lot of old-school Rainbow 6 players despised the cover system... I didn't play the original games, but I personally was not a fan of it, either. And this game being mostly competitive MP, it just wouldn't make any sense to have it.
  13. I will not deny that Dragon Rising had and very much still does have many issues. The way Codemasters handled the release and post-launch support was absolutely APPALLING. But hey, now it's free, so that doesn't "really" matter. However, that being said... it's a rather unique game, extremely unique for consoles. Not quite just another military shooter. It's actually the closest thing to a mil-sim that the Xbox 360 and now X1 (it's backwards compatible, probably why it's on offer now) has ever gotten. It's not quite Arma level (ironically, Arma was spawned by OFP, but that's a long story), but it's definitely worth playing and does a few select things better than Arma. It's getting pretty old now, so it won't look that amazing, but the actual map is still quite impressive, a bit bigger than Arma 2's Chernarus. Sadly, as with most things, Codemasters botched it to high hell, there's no free-play or free-roam without buying a DLC, and the editor is only available on PC, so the map is huge... and you won't ever see but maybe a quarter of it without spending $5 on DLC. I would highly recommend playing it in Co-op, though, if you do check it out, the SP experience is... bearable, but it was very clearly centered around 4 player Co-op. You'll enjoy the game far more if you do it Co-op, let's just put it that way.
  14. I moved entirely to PC about 2 years ago, so I play a lot of my games with M/KB. But Fallout is just not one of those. It's not nearly as enjoyable with M/KB. When I play any Bethesda game, it's to relax, and hyper accuracy or tons of buttons is not important or needed for that, so controller all the way. Speaking of which... I'm really glad they confirmed that Fallout 4 will have full, native controller support on PC (not that I would expect anything less, Bethesda does PC controller support really well).
  15. Then you have nothing to worry about! The enemies faced in the main quests of Bethesda games are almost never particularly high level or powerful, it's the side quests where you'll find the toughest enemies. If I recall, the "boss" of Skyrim's main quest only had a max level of something like 20. Fallout 3 had XP as quest rewards, so it was pretty much pre-caclulated that you would be a high enough level for each part of the main quest by the time it came. New Vegas was similar, although, an exception in that the final boss was actually very strong, even for high level characters. That was clearly intended, since there is no post-end game in New Vegas, it was meant to be the last thing you did. Overall, I welcome the removal of level scaling, so long as the alternative is done well. I would also like to point out that if your character is able to become a master of all trades god that has no weaknesses, then that is a flaw in the character development system and nothing to do with level scaling. It's also probably what will happen, since Bethesda wants you to be able to play as a god if you so desire. Edit: Actually, I'd like to point out that it doesn't sound like they're completely removing level scaling, they're just making it more like the New Vegas system, which is a great choice, in my opinion.
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