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  1. tips for Chronus Max owners or PC script users .... 1. Hail to the King: Chronus Max has 2 scripts for this for X1 and X1X the X1 Script worked for me without editing it took the script a few tries to get past the 200-300 mark but after that the script worked flawlessly. 2.Bloodlust: here's a ENdgame AFK Method. somebody on the chronus max site uploaded a script for Playstation 4 Controllers if you don't own a PS4 Controller edit the script and change the buttons to Xbox one Controller. What the script does it makes Zidane moves 2 steps left and right and mashes the A Button for you so what you need to do to AFK Grind is have your 4 Characters use. Auto Revive , Auto Haste , Antibody and Auto Regen and go to the Lost Continent land your Airship next to Esto Gaza and go all the way to the most south western part of the lost continent and activate the script.. you can get 450-500 kills an hour using this method... unlike the other AFK methods you can SAVE your Progress.. so you don't have to let your Xbox one run 20 hours straight also you don't have to worry about losing all your Progress in case of power outage , Game freezing etc. oh and you can get all your characters to Level 99 using this method so this saves even more time.
  2. You should know all the facts before you call people out for cheating.. because people who purchased and installed a Steam Copy of this Game before the GFWL to Steamworks transition and never downloaded the update are still able to Sign in to GFWL and Unlock all the Achievements Online with their unupdated Steam Copy of Dark Souls.
  3. yes.. I'm having the same issue for me 2 tags are simply not there.
  4. it's #8 and #10 in this video but the Graffitis are not there WTF.....
  5. I'm having a hard time finding my 2 last Zombie spray tags in the Mall... According to the Map One is in Caribbean Cove in the Lighthouse right next to the Pirate ship and the other one is between the Caribbean Cove and Kiichiro Plaza in one of the Restrooms..
  6. The Australian Version is still glitched but according to V_IdolNinja on the Saints Row forum the Fix for the Australian Version is coming very soon! :dance: can't wait to play the Aussie Version!
  7. Idk if i have the right Answer for you.. all i know is that the most recent Patch Glitched the Achievements.. so in order to get them to work you play the Game offline without the Patch and that Fixes it (that's what I did).. of course if you have a Digital Copy this won't work because you can't remove the Update that Glitched the Achievements... so all you can do is wait for a Patch.. I have a Digital Aussie Copy and I tried everything to get the GLitched Achievements to work but Unfortunately nothing worked.
  8. 4 Players required: 10 Achievements. Most of them can be done in Classic Conflict Mode to Unlock the Gamemode use the Cheacode pa1ntth3townr3d in the Main Menu! The Cheat Code also Unlocks every playable Character! Orbis Non Sufficit (Golden Gun Mode is fastest to get all the Maps done but you will most likely get this by just working on all the other Achievements) Au-ned ( Golden Gun Mode ) Braced for Impact (Classic Conflict) The Man Who Cannot Die (Classic Conflict) Butter Hook (Classic Conflict) Cheated (Classic Conflict) Hat Trick (Classic Conflict) Full Deck (Classic Conflict) Had Your Six (Classic Conflict) Clobbering (Unlocks at Level 31 either have one Person that has Level 31+ Help you out or Boost one Person of your Group to level 31 let him equip the Weaon and the PErson that is going for the Achievement kills him and picks the Weapon up and Melee kills everybody else) 6 Players required: 4 Achievements Boxing Clever (Black Box Mode) For England, Alec (Heroes Mode) The Other Cheek (Heroes Mode ) Boys with Toys Level 40+ required to unlock OR can be done by playing as Bond in Heroes Mode which is highly recommended) 8 Players required: 2 Achievements Console Compliancy (Goldeneye Mode) Lucky Seven (Bomb Defuser)
  9. This is not a Glitch. Level Up's and Unlocked Weapons / Clothings carry over
  10. Should be sticked imo im just gonna give this Tread a push
  11. Dark Souls PC Version has some Major Sync issue to the GFWL Server so expect that some of your Achievements may pop but won't be synced to the Server ... so you have to earn them again... I had the same Issue with Seath the Scaleless.. the Achievement for killing him popped and later on i was looking on my Achievement list on TA and i saw that the Achievement is not in my List, but it's not a BIg Deal i tought because i have to kill him again on NG+ anyway right?? ... yeah but in NG+ the Achievement popped and again it didn't stick.. but thank god i made a Backup of my savefile just before i killed him so i swapped my save back to the Dark SOuls folder killed him again and still no Achievement lol... after killing him 3-4 times the Achievement finally sticked on my Card.. anyway if you know the Game pretty well i recommend Backing up your savefile before you Unlock an Achievement. P.S: This Thread really helped me http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=417910 it should be sticked imo
  12. No Idea what the "Creeper Trap Room" is i know that you can Spawn some Monsters by failing the Puzzle... is that what you're talking about?? Anyway... the way that worked for me twice is at the beginning i do Gun+Melee kills only and after the Hospital in Dark Silent Hill I just use the Gamefaq Maps for the Dark Silent Hill Streets and I picked up all the Items on the way and Shotgun Kill every Enemy .. never run short of kills doing this and i still ended up with a total playtime of 2hrs 37 Minutes.
  13. CTR is still a Playlist got the Achievement in a 6 Hour Boosting session (1-50) so you guys better get this done ASAP.
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