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  1. managed to answer 37 correct, very nice game, thanks OP
  2. i did another run and finally got my achievement this weekend. i was able to hit from 10k to 12k in a very good run. put the slasher on the red team, the reviver and the dummy on the yellow team; on the left side of the yellow base (near capture point C), there are some barrels were the reviver will jump and stay atop of them. the dummy have to face the barrels and to his right must be the short wall overlooking the central courtyard. the slasher stays the closer he can get to the dummy. also the reviver must be the host, otherwise the aim will auto-center every time you revive the dummy. i have read this method in other forum but i don´t remember the name of the person who developed this technique. this is the fastest way to kill and revive the dummy i have come across.
  3. i´m already at 14.5k kills and still nothing. 100% of my kills were boosted, with very few connection drops throughout the process. this achievement is driving me mad. edit: now at 15.7k kills and no achievement yet edit 2: finally unlocked at 16.451 warzone kills. finally my struggle is over
  4. great find. the achievement pictures look pretty well done. looking foward to the descriptions now.
  5. yes, you can. as long as there´s at least two people you can get the achievements.
  6. "with my devil dogs" from battlefield bad company. this achievement made me laugh when i saw the picture. i was hoping to see a soldier with his squad, or something like that, but instead it´s a guy with his wife and two kids.
  7. it´s like the first serious sam, you have to find the secrets in a single playthrough for the achievement.
  8. hey mate. i remember your posts from when you were trying to hit 100k with 100 games played, and i must say i admire your efforts, you´re a great player. but i don´t agree with your opinion. people do what they do for a number of reasons. you sure got it right for some of them, but not all, or even the majority. people strive for recognition in any part of their lifes, and an online behavior is just too little information to give a somewhat detailed psychologycal analysis like you did in your post. like freud used to say, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. well, at least that´s my opinion.
  9. i have 1250 on kane & lynch and the dashboard doesn´t count it as a completed game.
  10. just a heads up, i started playing the game each level first time normal then immediately after on hard, until level 5, in which i got bored and started playing only on hard difficulty. to my surprise, after beating the last boss, the achievement didn´t pop up. thankfully, deleting my saves and starting a new game on hard was enough to warrant me the achievement. so in order to avoid this kind of problem, i recommend starting right away on hard difficulty.
  11. if you´re going to do it without boosting, i recommend getting used to search and destroy. getting good in this game mode makes you earn a lot of XP. i used to play headquarters and my average prestige time was around 1 day and 15 hours. that changed to 1 day and 5 hours when i switched to s&d. that said, i am at best an average player, so people used to play online may do it in a few hours less.
  12. maybe they are all story related, and made secret to avoid any spoilers when reading through the achievements. although 38 are a bit too much for story only, but who knows.
  13. wow that´s really sad news. i hope they continue development someday, as the first one is my favourite game this generation.
  14. i know this thread is a bit old, but as nobody came up with an answer yet, i think it´s valid to say this: if you play 20 songs in a row with the same person (i did battle mode, strummed to death as fast as possible) it will unlock. i had around 12 matches played and my partner less than 10. we both unlocked the achievement at the same time after the 20th battle. hope this helps.
  15. achievements in this game are awarded only at the end of the game screen. are you doing the requirements for the achievement and then losing all your lifes to get to the game over screen?
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