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  1. Thx Unsaferllama7 for that method! I've updated the first post in the thread to provide the information on the starting page. All other methods are marked as OUTDATED except the chests at Moe's.
  2. Sry for the late reply, I'm a bit busy around here... As you all mentioned that the methods don't work anymore due to the spring patch, I'll mark the first post as outdated and put the method Unsaferllama7 there instead. Thx 4 the tacic and the confirmations
  3. Yap, I can definitely confirm that the tomb drops from lvl 20 chests at moe's, I got 2 from moe's (see first post)
  4. I'm updating the first post... keep on trying, it will happen
  5. Keep on trying, it's worth the happiness afterwards, trust me
  6. Should not be the problem, I think both work just fine And YEAH, I'M DAMN HAPPY, YOU CAN BET ON THAT!!!
  7. FINALLY, THE SPHINX HAS DROPPED 4 ME!!! I'm so happy right now, to have completed a game, which I've played since the release in august last year. It was the longest time, it took me to complete a game (thx luck based chievos ) Special Thx to everybody in this thread 4 sharing your experience of getting the achievement buildings with not just me, but all of us!! Of course I'll keep on playing AoEO and will post any usable information in this thread as I find an achievment building. And before I forget the most important thing of this post, I got the sphinx by farming the cyprus quest "Defeat Amathus", not "Recapturing: Amathus" since I haven't completed all cyprus missions yet. But the farming method is exactly the same I'm updating the first post as usual
  8. I'm now farming the cyprus quest and buying lvl 10 chests at moe's... maybe it's only the quantity not the quality of the chests, however I've got everything except the sphinx from lvl 20 chests (see first post )
  9. Thx 4 your reply! Every confirmation is a good confirmation
  10. thx for your confirmation, I'll update the first post
  11. Thanks for your reply! Yeah, we should get the percentage of drop chances at least for the achievement buildings. It won't help a lot but it would give us a feeling about how long it could take to get them The info with the prequests is just amazing not helpful for me (have already done all) but very helpful for every player that's new to the game, THANKS FOR THAT TOO I'll always update the first post, as I get new stuff to keep you all updated UPDATE: Added 1 additional spartan academy to 1st post (still only the sphinx to go )
  12. Got moe's from the method and some epic advisors worth 5k+ in the trade channel
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