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  1. Ok so I knew about the resume glitch before starting this so made sure to avoid it. That said I've still had a bunch of achievements not unlock for me, including spending 6 hours trying to get promoted to Marshal from Free only to not have it unlock. I've tried redoing a few of them and had no luck so has anyone found a way of getting unrewarded achievements to unlock?
  2. CEA and H2A where announced the E3 a couple of months before their release along with Halo 4 and 5 for the year after. Most likely we'll see H3A announced at E3 2017 for a release later that year along with an announcement of Halo 6 for 2018
  3. Shame you weren't around last year because you could migrate for about a month or so. Also 300 hours isn't all that much for Warframe, I have 850 and some have over 2000
  4. One trick that does work is that you get 3% progress for a win, so you can equip it just before your team wins a match and you'll get it eventually. Failing that you can boost skirmish or rumble if you get two groups of 3 to search at the same time
  5. Did you win? You have to win to get the marks, also you can get the marks for the first 3 wins on your account like heroic strikes.
  6. Yes they are! You can use them to buy a rune from Eris that improves drops from the new raid.
  7. They may do something to make them obtainable again, they could even put some back into Petra's rotation, but I wouldn't hold my breath. You can at least read them online, just can't get the score
  8. Keen Scout. Top right hand corner of the Nightstalker tree
  9. The new ones are Taken focused though. It does look like most of these are now unobtainable. At least one set of the targets does still spawn, the guys near the Shrine of Oryx, but most of the other static ones are gone and the ones that drop from Prowling events are completely gone now.
  10. You don't get them with the Legendary Edition, you only get them from the collectors edition. You can buy the separately for €/$20 but they aren't worth it really. They only have 170 defence so if you keep them equipped as they are they hold you back and you'd use up a ton of legendary marks infusing better stuff into them
  11. Reading through this thread I find it funny how everyone assume the new achievements would be easy. I don't think anyone is thinking that now
  12. This unlocked for both me and a friend after we got the 5 Calcified Remains for Eris. Not sure if anything else we did first was needed though.
  13. This unlocked for both me and a friend after we got the 5 Calcified Remains for Eris. Not sure if anything else we did first was needed though.
  14. You have to have TLW equipped but you don't have to get the kills with it. The issue is you get 1 point for a kill, 2 for a headshot and lose 2 for a death so you have to be pretty good at crucible to get it done. FWIW the last stage of the quest is an harder version of the Shield Brothers quest thats 290 light, Nightfall level basically, so it's a pretty tough quest overall
  15. Because it clears all temp data, like clearing the cache on the 360. It's just the only way to clear the data atm is through the blu-ray app.
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