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  1. It appears there is only one co op required achievement anyway.
  2. I need to complete the Co Op missions. Please send invite GT: Goose BoXer
  3. I have researched and it is a widespread problem. A large thread exist about this on both True Achievements and on Reddit. I reached out to Square Enix and they provided no help, basically saying that if I was connected to the internet when playing the game and the achievements did not unlock, then it is a XBox live support issue. Guess what...XBox live says that achievements not unlocking is a developer issue and that a patch would have to be pushed out. I traded the game in today...no more for me.
  4. The achievements are still not unlocking. I have completed the campaign and have not unlocked a few of the the campaign related achievements like "What if I...Dive Down" and "A Scorpions Tale" I have emailed Square Enix Tech support team and they don't even have the decency to respond, cause their heads are between their legs with shame. It stinks that gamers invest time into a game to have it glitch out on them near the end. Square Enix should be ashamed for not addressing this.
  5. I recently figured out a way to fix this issue. If you have cleared a level and level specific achievements have not tracked, you will have to replay that level using the below fix (atleast it worked for me) Before I start the game.... 1] Be sure the game is not in the resume mode (quit out of it completely) 2] Manage you game and delete the local save (not the cloud save) 3] Start the game and play through a level and all the achievements for that level should unlock. 4] Quit out completely once the level is finished and you have started the following mission. 5] Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3. I have had to play the first 3 levels that way just to have the achievements unlock. Also, some of the kill counts that I had earned during glitched level playthroughs randomly unlocked while playing the levels using the above method.
  6. I recently purchased GamePass just to play this game. None of the achievements unlocked on Level 1, so I quit and deleted my local save and rebooted. The achievements then unlocked properly during the first mission. I just completed level 2 and no unlocks...did the same delete local save and reboot, but the level 2 achievements are still not unlocking and I am now in level 3. Has anyone else experienced this and have a resolution? UPDATE: Got a response from Rebellion this morning...and... Hey there, I wouldn't consider it widespread as I have only received one ticket about this issue. There are no plans for any patches. Regards, Tommy Community Support Rebellion Developments
  7. Looking to get the co-op achievement this weekend. GT: Goose BoXer
  8. Grimm Tim....I sent you a message on XBL
  9. Is there a particular mission that two different people have to complete in order to be able to join each others game for co op play?
  10. Cannot get my buddy to join my game. He has moderate NAT. Does anyone know if Open NAT is required or if specific ports have to be opened to co op this game?
  11. I am trying to connect to one particular person in a private game of co-op campaign. No matter who the host is, we can't connect to play. We can play every other game out there, just not this one. Random matchmaking works fine. So in theory, one would think it is a problem with one of us, but since all other games work fine, I am thinking it is an issue with the co-op private server.
  12. I am unable to connect to another player via Co-op and other players are unable to connect to me. We keep getting "Timed Out" errors. This only occurs in the Co-Op section. MP works fine. Is there any known fix for this? I am using Open NAT.
  13. The Smuggling operation shows 6/7 missions complete with the only one left as the Predator mission. All other Smuggler sections are complete. Do I have to beat Predator for the Smuggling Operation achievement to unlock? It would appear that I have to. Tried to beat it over 30 times by myself...not working well.
  14. Does anyone know if Season pass content or any further release content will have Single Player storyline content and new achievements? I am only interested in SP and new achievements. The original game achievements list was horrible.
  15. I figured it out. I was not loading the downloaded roster correctly, therefore my sims were on standard teams....thanks anyway
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