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  1. Some of these challenges look impossible.
  2. ashmccloud


    The demo is such a small portion, but it is awesome.
  3. Wow I am surprised people are still playing this game. To answer your question I have no idea.
  4. I suggest lose many races. That is what I do. I have hardly any achievments but I have over 12,000 miles.
  5. I think it is good. But then again I also enjoyed the movie Last Action Hero.
  6. Reap the Chaos. You can add me as a friend. i will play with you allthough. I play mainly shooters and RPGS. But would be honored to play with you as long as your not a jerk.
  7. I have to find the rest as well.
  8. I have tons of these to find.
  9. The coolest outfits in the game.
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