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  1. Some of these challenges look impossible.
  2. ashmccloud


    The demo is such a small portion, but it is awesome.
  3. Wow I am surprised people are still playing this game. To answer your question I have no idea.
  4. I suggest lose many races. That is what I do. I have hardly any achievments but I have over 12,000 miles.
  5. I think it is good. But then again I also enjoyed the movie Last Action Hero.
  6. Reap the Chaos. You can add me as a friend. i will play with you allthough. I play mainly shooters and RPGS. But would be honored to play with you as long as your not a jerk.
  7. I have to find the rest as well.
  8. I have tons of these to find.
  9. The coolest outfits in the game.
  10. Play like you want. At the end you will have enjoyed the game better then trying to get everything to the highest level.
  11. No such thing as a stupid question. Oh wait yes there is.
  12. I hope you were able to find a cure.
  13. YOu could probably finish real quick if you wanted. I spent literal days just wondering the wasteland. Checking out buildings. A fun way to play is to limit yourself to what your bring. You can only have 100 shotgun shells. 3 weapons. One set of armor. 3 stim packs. all the rest of the gea goes into your home. When you leave you take the minimum.
  14. You should never kill him. He is one Awesome GUY!
  15. I wear the leopard sleep wear. It is crappy on defense but it shows style.
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