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  1. 183 views and not a single reply? Some people are so rude and/or lazy... Yes it's a pretty decent game and works well in co-op online. Buy it and enjoy it mate
  2. For 720, it seems uncontrollable at first. Use A to accelerate and hold the left stick in the direction you want to skate. Even so, it's pretty buggy
  3. I'm gonna guess its a mike and sullie event bro
  4. I've completed 6 seasons now (4 without a single sim) and I can't unlock the achievement for winning the grandfinal. Why won't they patch this?
  5. I've won the NRL and the Superleague twice now with no sims and it still won't unlock for me
  6. Single sitting mate. Took me 2 hours and 10 minutes riding solo. I'll admit I was nearly sweating a few times as well. The roof near the back stairs of the warehouse proves to be a great place to camp on the Quohag level
  7. I'm assuming you meant the two chickens that are out past the field next to the cow who's being milked (pleasured) when you first receive the flamethrower. As for the handicapped placards. When you reach the parking lot through the first security gate (near Peter farting on Meg), the one you're missing is likely to be either in the hidden alcove to the back left (under the ramp leading to the top level) or in the back of the blue ute to the left (on the top level). I hope that helps.
  8. I have tried every possible variant to unlock easy as pie. My high score is 172,044 points and I've made it as far as level 20. WHY WONT IT UNLOCK FOR ME!?!?!
  9. Thankyou RedemtionOwnage. You've assissted me more times than you would imagine
  10. I'm assuming as long as you get 32 locations then you will unlock the achievement. Because I found one that you didn't post and my achievement unlocked as I gathered supplies from the second last location that you gave.
  11. You're missing like 20 achievements... Including the only ones I cares to read about... Worst. Achievement guide. Ever.
  12. Just a quick question. I'm sorry if it's been answered but I just searched for half an hour and I couldn't find any info. But am I not able to download songs from the RBN because I'm on an Australian console? Even if I could just download the free songs (if I knew which ones they were) then id be happy enough with that. It just seems a little odd if I'm unable to earn any of the DLC related achievements just because of my locale. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Wh redoing a level for a missed collectable, do you need to finish the level or just reach a checkpoint, or does it save to your progress automatically so you can just switch to your next level of choice upon finding it?
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