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  1. I have found all the dreamcatchers and retrieved the prize at the end. In my log, both parts are checked off however it will not leave my log. All other things in the log disappear upon completion. Am I missing something?
  2. I was also having trouble with this but got it today. Needed 2. 1 was the silver very low bridge (next to the green very low bridge). 2 was the concrete archways at the very northern part of the LS river. I think in both cases I had done them many times but had either touched the bridge with the rotors or the water with the skids. Really try to go super slow and touch nothing.
  3. While Online I get messages (NOT the Simeon text message) that a Simeon car has been spotted and everyone in the lobby can go try to deliver it. It used to show up as a Green car symbol in some random location on the map. I no longer see the Green symbol. Other people can still see it because eventually I get the pop up message saying "Player X has the Simeon vehicle". Why can't I see the symbol?
  4. You have to wait to use it because your trying to redeem if for a system that isn't out yet. Forza 5 and Xbox One out November 22nd.
  5. Saturday November 2nd Microsoft sent out emails with a DLC code for a Audi R8 in Forza 5. It appears that I had my email preferences set to not receive promotions from Xbox Live. (That has now been corrected.) If anyone out there got this code and is not planning on getting Xbox One and Forza 5, I would be willing to trade multiple cars in Forza 4 for this code.
  6. One of the first days I was playing I came across a pot farm in the north. I killed the guys and took a substantial amount of cash from their barn. I could have sworn a message popped up and told me to come back weekly to make more cash here. I've been back many times and all I see are cows wandering around. Anyone else rob this place multiple times or did I read the in game message wrong.
  7. 1- They did away with Unicorn auctions about a month into the game because the only people who got them were credit modders. 2- Sign up for Forza Rewards. https://rewards.forzamotorsport.net You will get a Unicorn (or more) every month!
  8. I got all that for level 5 plus the unicorn car in each game. So maybe you only get unicorns once a month.
  9. Only 1 redeem a month. September 1st new rewards will be up. I read there was a bonus for ranking your tier up but I'm not sure if you'd have to redeem one month at lvl 3, then next at lvl 4. I started the beta at lvl 5 so I didn't experience the lvl up.
  10. Here's a link https://rewards.forzamotorsport.net
  11. I am so pumped I got this achievement last night. Every month or so I go back and try for this. I am not a skilled drifter and I thought this would never happen. I got it by about 200 points on lap 4 of Fuji Reverse using... -Stock HKS Time Attack Evo -Controller (I usually use a wheel to race) -NO STM, TCS, ABS -Lots of rewind
  12. Yesterday Turn 10 did a Forza Livestream. When they hold these events they have a Turn 10 employee run a difficult Monthly Challenge. If the employee fails (I don't think they have ever not failed) everyone who puts in any time on that event in a 24 hour window wins a Unicorn of choice. Yesterdays was a Forza Horizon event. They alternate between Forza 4 and Horizon so expect the next one to be Forza 4. They were doing 2 or 3 a month until the busyness of E3. This was their first one since, so expect the next to be late July or early August.
  13. The developers are still very much involved in the game. People get banned daily and the official Forza Motorsports forums are full of people with similar problems. Have you been banned? Can you access others storefronts or online racing? If by chance you sold a car with a design or logo that someone else created you can expect a 1 week ban coming. If you were trying to sell a Unicorn car or a modded car bans could be worse. I posted a license plate in my storefront that had "420" in it (It's my actual license plate and happened purely by chance.) It was under review for months before it was removed by Turn 10, but the rest of my storefront was still available.
  14. You can't be gifted unicorns by anyone except the developers Turn 10
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