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  1. For anyone reading this in the future looking for something to try, I have found a solution that has worked for me 100% of the time so far. First, after signing in to my Xbox Live profile I loaded up Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butteryfly (I'll need to test if this works with other original Xbox games), then on the main menu hit the guide button and returned to dashboard. Then I put the game disk in and it started right up. I signed into Xbox Live again on the main menu of the game and it worked just fine. That's how I got it started. I have an Xbox 360 Elite model and the game won't start for me any other way than this.
  2. Drink Bleach and die Kid

  3. I've tried this fight at least 5 times now, and I just can not kill it. I can get it to half health, but it's ultimate attack kills me every time. I have no idea why, but it drains my health from 8000hp to less than 500hp. I've watched a lot videos online, and it never does nearly that amount. I'm fully debuffed and everything. None of my monsters are above level 45. I never cared enough to try and material grind, because that just takes too long. I'm pretty busy most of the time, so grinding just can't happen for me. I'm thinking it's about time I dump this game and move on to Mass Effect 3. I only had this Yomi boss and the Oerba 400 AF one, which I never can even get close to beating.
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3nUxQSBl-Q]Mirai Nikki-Opening [Kuusou Mesorogiwi HD - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqlHWHP0lU8] Angel Beats! Opening - Youtube [/ame]
  5. ANGEL BEATS! Best anime I have ever seen in my life. Such a great story and characters and everything.
  6. I need some help with this achievement. I don't have the ability to quickly make a dummy account. It's the only achievement I think I will have issues with. Can help with hug achievement if needed.
  7. So, I really want to start playing a COD game online. I've had COD4 for awhile, but only reached level 22. I can't decide if I want to stay behind the rest of the world and keep playing it or get MW2 or get Black Ops. Which one do you think I should play?
  8. I believe it's working again. It is for me anyway.
  9. So, I downloaded the Endor DLC pack first day. I waited to play it until the achievements got fixed, and when I did, the whole level was glitchy. As in, it would freeze for about 1 or 2 seconds every 30 seconds or so. I've played through it twice and it is still doing this. Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a fix for it?
  10. The farther you go into the story, the more dolls you have to find. There is around 30ish total. If you aren't that far in the story, and all the dolls are checked off, just keep playing and you'll get messages about more dolls. I think the last few are only available after you beat the game.
  11. Oh. No, I did not DELETE it. I forgot about that part of it. I'm going to check this now. UPDATE: Thanks, I completely forgot about having to delete the checklist. Problem=Solved
  12. So, today I tried to add a few achievements I got to my Checklist. (none of these achievements were from the new DLC pack) and when I saved, it, by itself, unchecked some achievements I had checked, and checked a few achievements I don't have. And it's always the same achievements and it always ends up with saying I have 52 achievements for 1000 points when I actually have 53 achievements for 1010 points. Is this a known problem with the new DLC achievements being added, or is this just happening for me? Note: I did delete the game from the Checklist.....list, then reenabled the game, but it still is messing up.
  13. I beat him about a day after I made this thread. Poison worked wonders.
  14. I can't find an in order list of the simulation disks anywhere. I followed a guide, and I thought I got all of them. But I have beaten the game, and i'm still missing one. It's the one between DeadPool and Storm. If anyone can tell me what simulation disk that is and how I can attain it, that would be appreciated.
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