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  1. played Halo Infinite with Pups, blakgravy, and Carmona
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  3. added Halo Infinite and Among Us events to the calendar if anyone is interested, just ask that you rsvp so I have some idea of who to invite when the time comes. also, FYI, I've yet to play either and will suck.
  4. oORuffusOo

    Among Us

    Everyone is welcome, playing for fun.
  5. oORuffusOo

    Halo Infinite

    Come one, come all. Shooty shooty bang bang.
  6. Hope everyone had a great night, I was asleep by 9pm 😁
  7. In 2021 I became a 2 console household so I'm gonna do stats for both, XBOX # of achievements unlocked: 833 Total GS: 24,000 Games Started: 29 Games Played: 50 Games Completed: 14 My best month was April with 5,375G and my worst was December with 0G 😂 Favorite games played: Resident Evil 7 - remember how great 1 & 2 were back in the day? This was a return to that for me. The setting was perfect. Undertale - I laughed at this game when I first saw screenshots but got bored and curious, so glad I did, I genuinely had a blast with it. A Plague Tale - Great story, beautiful visuals, and rat tornados. Dark Souls - The co-op mechanic is the biggest pile of shit I've ever seen in a game but otherwise I had a great time. Worst and/or most disappointing games played: Outriders - immediate bordom Psychonauts 2 - I wanted to like this but the constant cutscenes killed all momentum I had playing it and eventually I had to give up. Octopath Traveler - TBF I really loved what I did play. The problem is my own lack of skill and patience. Lost a boss fight after 45ish min and promptly uninstalled it. Back 4 Blood - All I wanted was L4D3, instead we got a fucking card game with zombies. Xbox played Game of the Year: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - If you can bother learning the parry mechanics there is something very special in this game. Everyone should experience this game. There is no better feeling than after getting your ass kicked by a boss for 3 hours and it finally clicks and you absolutely destroy them. Playstation # of Trophies Unlocked: 498 Games Started/Played: 19 Games Completed: 11 My best month was Jan with 132 trophies and my worst was Oct with 0 trophies I've really enjoyed everything I've played on the system so far so I'll just add a couple noteworthy games here: Astro's Playroom - this was a free pack in and my first reintroduction to PS. This game was shockingly good but way too short. Sackboy: A Big Adventure - Platforming at it's finest if you ask me. Horizon Zero Dawn - Put it on easy and had a blast kicking robot dinosaur ass. Great story too! Playstation Game of the Year: Spider-Man Remastered - Look, this game is the whole reason I bought a PS to begin with. Spiderman is my favorite superhero and this game perfectly nails the character. I genuinely can not fault this game in any way. My post here got a little out of hand and don't feel like you have to match it in anyway but please feel free to share your stats and/or anything you feel is noteworthy from the past year in gaming.
  8. With the start of the new year most people make resolutions to improve themselves in some sort and most give up. Do you have any for yourself, gaming or otherwise? Did you have any last year and did you succeed or fail? If you can't remember, you can find the thread here. Mine were; 2021 500,000G FAIL (not even close, finished at 437,455) Defeat another boss in Sekiro 😋 SUCCESS (not only defeated another boss, completed the entire game 1000g) finish the campaigns in Halo MCC FAIL (lol, I think I managed like 2 missions in Halo 1) For this year; 2022 Clear 5 games from my Xbox backlog Clean up my Xbox DLC backlog Clear out my PS backlog (16 games)
  9. I was thinking some Among Us but I'm up for anything really. I can download whatever from GP if anybody has a better idea.
  10. Congrats! Also, +1 for Sekiro. Piece of piss, you got it.
  11. Anybody interested in getting into some shenanigans on New Years Eve with me?
  12. TRACKING UP TO DATE Congrats Puppys for reaching Platinum!
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