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  1. Ooo I wanna see that. Might have to check it out next week when I’ve got some free time.
  2. I spent $25 in reward points this GSL
  3. Fixed that for you. Also, congrats on the win and overall MVP. Also,
  4. Yea, I really need to slow down, all this scoring has really taken its toll on me too.
  5. that would ruin the game though...
  6. Same here. Candy for the kids, Elden Ring for me.
  7. Music Racer was awesome, it played itself. 5/5 would let it play itself again.
  8. I picked this up at release and only played a few minutes of it, I keep telling myself I should give it a proper go but other things keep getting in the way. One day... As far as what I am playing, Elden Ring. I've put about 20 hours in at this point and I think I'm at level 36-37. I've mostly been exploring the map, clearing dungeons and such. Having a blast, fought Margit around level 30 and beat that ass, pushed forward into Stormveil Castle only to get my ass beat by the knights in there so went down to Weeping Peninsula to explore a bit. Ran into Leonine Misbegotten and absolutely rekt his ass. That's about where I'm at, got the whole weekend to play uninterrupted so hoping to make some decent progress.
  9. I don't think I've thrown a controller since the SNES days. Oh I sure have wanted to many times though.
  10. You can all give up now, I just got another Elden Ring achievement.
  11. pfff, all my score is from Elden Ring, you have to multiply by like 300.
  12. Just rekt Margit, The Fell Omen soooo pretty sure I'm winning at gsl. Right?
  13. I've had it installed and been waiting patiently.
  14. signed up for Paramount+ last night so... 5/5 and how could it not be? Bam was definitely missed but the new crew were all great. 3.86/5 it was great as far as 20 year old sequels go but doesn't quit live up to the original.
  15. So if I play the entirety of and finish Elden Ring within the tournament that's an automatic win, right?
  16. Kidding, I'd be down for some. I think it's just the horde maps that are free.
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