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  1. Wow, it took you less than create an Oman profile and download all the games
  2. I agree, this game lag terribly, and it's basically an avatar minigame! I've noticed that at the main screen the sign BETA is still present, in the upper-left corner of the screen...
  3. Very easy: press DOWN on the left stick, release RT, and keep spamming A. You won't even move. I did it with Drayke's Hummer H2 (Off-Road) on Barcelona Gracia Checkpoint, btw.
  4. Has anyone written down the points needed to rank up from a level to another? I'l start the list! 29-30 = ~ 28.800 30-31 = ~ 30.600 31-32 = ~ 34.200 ----------------- 36-37 = ~ 48.000 ----------------- 45-46 = ~ 87.500 ----------------- 48-49 = ~ 110.000 49-50 = ~ 115.000
  5. Not exactly: 10 fights for 10x900 fame = 9000 fame for playing the game normally 9 fights for 5x1800 + 1x900 fame = 9900
  6. You also have to consider how many matches you have to play @2x to earn enough coins! In my opinion, option 2 is the best choice
  7. Well, if you reach lvl 16 you get 5 coins/each levelup, so it will took 4 matches to get 20 golden coins (with the glitch). Then you will have 5 matches at 4x, so 4 [email protected] = 20 coins (only the 4th is 2x, you'll lose the previous 3) 5 [email protected] = bonus Without the glitch & without the boost: games played 9 = 18 experience ---> 2 With the glitch & with the boost: games played 9, experience gained (5x4+1x2) = 22 ---> 2.4 If you don't use the glitch, and buy the boost: 4x2+5x4 = 28 ---> 3.1
  8. How many points do you guys earn normally? I'm fighting in the last mistery challenge, earning 800+100/fight Does it means there is a double xp running? EDIT: Yes, 11-14 July
  9. Windows 8 Microsoft IBM Apple Hazard Yoshi Mr. T A-team Paperboy Fresh Prince of Bel-Air David Hasselhoff Knight Sagat? Jena Plissken Metal Gear Dr. Robotnik Toys r us Frogger Paperboy starbucks
  10. Gottle


    I had several problems today, the game won't load, then loaded but won't save, then loaded, saved, but i've lost 2 ranks At least it's not glitched...
  11. Ok guys, I mainly trained myself for the first 2 years (doing a couple of minor tournaments just to earn some money to buy trainings). At the end of season 2 I had 59 points (in total). In my 3rd Year I finished my training, and I did a lot of tournaments, reaching #1. At the end of my 3rd season I had 941pts. So, did I earned 882pts in one season, skipping a couple of tournaments?! How comes?! Now I need to score 60pts in 2 years, right?! Sounds Easy enough... EDIT: I've entirely simulated my 4th season, and skipped my 5th. Achievement unlocked! So basically, i've just played 5/6 of one single season... POINTS EARNED IN EACH SEASON 1st season: 34 2nd season: 25 3rd season: 882 (the only season I've really played, and not even entirely) 4th season: 187 (100% simulated) 5th season: 6 (100% skipped) In my 3rd season i've played some special events, like the one for having a school entitled to you, the millionaire invite, the match vs the male ranked #1, and the one vs the female ranked #1; probably these events helped a lot! As a sidenote, i've never used risk nor advanced shots (RT+A/X/B/Y - LT+A/X/B/Y)
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