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  1. 2.5 - 3 hours I think. Not a very long game but great story.
  2. GoOH wasn't hard at all in my opinion. Using the left bumper to fly got annoying at times but the activities and missions were all on par with Saints Row the Fourth. Go play Ninja Gaiden on the hardest difficulty or Dark Souls if you want hard, not slightly aggitating.
  3. I need the co-op achievements as well as some better weapons if anyone can help. Send me a message when you're on and I'll try and help.
  4. I need the 3 hours of co-op. I'm pretty much done with everything besides collectibles so we can just go AFK or get those last few. Send me a message on Live. Chilled Eclipse
  5. I need someone to help me trade some weapons among other characters for an arena achievement. I'll help you with a few things for 5 minutes of your time.
  6. I'm willing to trade tails with anyone who needs them. Send me a message. I'm on Xbox One.
  7. I need someone to swap tails with. I'm on Xbox One
  8. I need all of the online achievements and am interested in ranking up as well as earning some extra cash. Send me a message on xbox when/if you're on. GT is Chilled Eclipse.
  9. I need to finish Drop Em Like Liquid and 11th Hour if anyone still needs the hard coop or level specific achievements. Send me a message
  10. If anyone is interested in going for Vietnam achievements, send me a message.
  11. They should keep games the way they are. The main objective isn't the achievements but the entertainment value and to be profitable to the companies. You're given more than ample time to unlock every achievement on a game from the time it's released until the servers are closed. Just my opinion.
  12. It's okay but not as good as the console version obviously. It has certain glitches like your saves disappearing randomly and the game not loading, so be aware if you do decide to buy it. It is Bioshock, so it's fun, but not worth $15.
  13. I've played Framing Frame at least 20 times following different strategies and gathering at least 6 paintings every time, but I can't for the life of me get the cafe escape to pop up. How did you guys get cafe to come up if you ever did?
  14. Left Sarah at the trailer park Robbed Arvo Crawled through the booth Didn't hold the baby Shot Rebecca This was a really good episode imo. That gunfight at the end has me wanting episode 5 more than ever.
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