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  1. Hello, I don't know if your the right person to contact (if not, hopefully you can redirect this to the right person), but there are a lot of achievement guide pages (specifically the Red Dead Redemption page) that specify a button image or some other image, and in the last few months these images are not appearing (just showing broken link image). For using specific buttons on the controller when describing what and when to hit it. I myself can figure out what the paragraph is trying to explain, but someone like my uncle, who is still new to gaming, might have a problem understanding what it is asking him to do. Anyway, thanks for your help in advance.

  2. Happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday!


    :birthday :birthday

  4. How do you edit you file/ link your XBL account to your profile?

  5. i want to make a guide for a game - how can i do it?

  6. hey. problem.. i need to make a new file on this website (which is mad btw) but heres the thing. i dont no how to delete my file already on here and i need to delete my current file. can you help me and give me directions on how to delete file. and the file i already have on here is not my xbox360 file(gamertag) so i need to no.


    thanks man

  7. Ey men just wanted to know when the guide for Assassins creed 2 will be online.

  8. Hey man, haven't seen you around in quite some time. How have ya been?

  9. Hey sorry to bother you but i was having problems with posting my achievements with the games: gears of war 2, and kung fu panda. Everytime i check something, as if i got a new achievement, and go to save it, it never saves it and kung fu panda just says i have 0 pts. I don't know why so i wondering if you guys would take a look. Wasn't sure who to talk to but thanks!!!

  10. I've been going through firefight recently and think I've found the end all quickest way to get 200,000 points by yourself. Simply start firefight on easy or normal (if you're daring) on any level. Keep fighting until you come across the first brute chieftain with a gravity hammer. Kill him, take the hammer, and use that almost exclusively from now on. The reason in that there are two awards for getting hammer kills: Hammer Spree (5 consecutive kills with gravity hammer) and Dream Crusher (10 consecutive kills with hammer.) These are easily the quickest way to earn points since each award gives around 1000 base points for earning them. Simply put what you're going to be doing is meleeing everything in sight (that is use the B button attack) for 10 kills, then switch to your other weapon and get a kill. This will reset the counter on the hammer sprees and allow you to get them again. Using this method it usually takes me ~45-70 minutes solo on easy to get the 200,000 points. I usually like to pack a splazer or fuel rod to take out vehicles and save the gravity hammer ammo for hunters and other brute chieftains with a gravity hammer. As far as killing normal enemies goes: grunts will normally go down in one hit from anywhere jackals with shields will take multiple hits to the shield so strafe right as you swing to avoid their shield Brutes will lose their shield after 2-3 hits and then do a battle roar, while they're roaring simply assassinate them Hope this helps some and good luck.
  11. sorry to post on here but i couldn't find anywhere else to post this. i'm having problems updating my achievement list for halo 3. everytime i click on the link to add achievements it takes forever to load then it says i'm timed out. the last it did it to me i was saving recent achievements now when i look at my list it says i have 0 and i can't get back on the link to fix it. is it something i'm doing or is this site having problems?

  12. can i just say thanks for the brilliant bf bc achievement guide, i just got the game (i think its great) and im hoping to get around 700 on it. and with your guide i think i will. thanks again

  13. Is there a way to become part of the Xbox 360 Achievement Guide Team? I would like to because I play many games, own over 75, have a lot of free time and would like to contribute to the community of xbox players. Please send me a message and let me know. Thanks



  14. i there i was just wondering if you could tell me why my gamertag is not showing up in the top left corner of the home page....aslo the site doesn't seem to know any games i've played or what achievements i am missing

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