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    Videogames are my main hobby! I mannaged to make a TV show about it in Holland called GameVille!
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    Videogames ofcourse, music en movies.
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    Art Director at an Advertising Agency.

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  1. Great guide, thank you so much! You have helped me a lot with some of the games features.
  2. Thanks. I probably have to edit the oher team in the 'Edit' section before the match starts. Cause the COM does not allow me to make any changes om it's team during the setup. I will give this a go. Thanks for the reply. I was indeed playing on 5 min halves, and got a little frustrated when time flew by so fast!
  3. same here, I scoed a lot from my own field into the opponents net, but got nothing. I have no clue what to do. Even the 2nd controler trick does not work....
  4. Played like 5 games to get the 35 meter scoring and the injury time achievement, but both do not pop. I play on beginner and Exhibition. For the other team I use a second controler. Does anyone have any suggestions? It's making me crazy!
  5. Samen here. I scored quite a few times in injury time and got nothing. I also have scored from 50 meters and got nothing. This game is terrible with its achievements...
  6. Thanks! I will check it out, will but the game after the weekend. Looks like it is possible to 1K this game!
  7. Looks kinda fun, I might get this. Is it already available?
  8. I am considering to buy this game, bt there are not to many sites around with very good reviews sofar. I saw that it's kinda like Rise of the Argonauts, which I loved very much. If the game is easy to pick up, and all of the achievements are do-able for someone like me I will buy it. Therefore, is anyone working on a roadmap or a guide? Thanks in advance.
  9. Got mine last week. It was during The Beatles Rockband when 3 achievements popped up together.... try to maken the 150.000 by the end of this year... if my wife let's me..
  10. I'm thinking of getting this one in the Asian version, is this playable in English? I played the European version fot the full 1000 years ago. Would love to do it again... I saw in another thread that it actually is in English. Since there is a glitch where you will not be able to get the full 1000 on the Korean version, I will only buy the Japanese version instead! This can be closed in my opinion!
  11. No you don't. If you are only after the achievements then you can just put addachievement 01 until 78 I believe for all achievements without buying the actual content. You'll get those achievements too owning just the game itself, not the DLC. It is possible to get 1550 points out of it.
  12. I will tell my friends about this too. Will it finally happen?!
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