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  1. Banjo-Tooie. Still waiting on that Banjo-Threeie 13 years later. Nuts and Bolts doesn't count. Bulletstorm and Enslaved. Both very underrated games that deserve sequels.
  2. The Rock holding the title for a couple months can't hurt unless he disappears again with it. If anyone else got the title off Punk now it would make him look weak. Give the title to Rock, then to Cena at WM then it can go anywhere from there. Preferably one of the Shield guys. I think they should build up the actual tag teams like the Usos, PTP, Epico and Primo and Sin Cara and Mysterio more. Have Sandow and Cody split up and Kane should turn heel on Bryan. Then maybe Bryan can get a well deserved WWE title reign going.
  3. 1. CM Punk 2. Daniel Bryan 3. Kane 4. Dolph Ziggler 5. Ryback
  4. So I somehow just completed the Drop Bears challenge after one assassination. Says I completed it and I have 25 challenges done now and no achievement. Any way I can unlock this now?
  5. Happy birthday

  6. No, I feel like achievements are taking up all the fun that games used to be. Everyone plays for a number next to their name now instead of fun.
  7. 1. SNES 2. N64 3. Gamecube 4. NES 5. Xbox 360
  8. 1. Banjo Kazooie 2. Banjo Tooie 3. Castle Crashers 4. Perfect Dark 5. Monday Night Combat
  9. Need some help with the Ninjas and the other coop achievements after that one. None of the randoms I'm finding help.
  10. I just left a Digger match, went into Alpha (Execution) and it started counting those matches towards the medal. I'm at 9/10 now.
  11. Looking to get some people together to get the DLC achievements Tuesday. Send me a message if anyone wants to help.
  12. I think either BF3 or Skyrim will get GOTY. If MW3 gets it, it doesn't deserve it.
  13. Pixo


    It takes place on E-Day.
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