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  1. Need a co-op partner for Have Buddy, Will Travel. Fully upgraded, all elite weapons, should be easy. GT is "Adam the Clever".
  2. I was asking about satchel charges. The achievement specifically says satchel charges.
  3. I think you're thinking of something different. The pantherturm is the turret that is planted in the ground, not a tank. There's only one enemy inside. There has to be a way to put a satchel charge on it before killing the gunner, since the achievement requires "manned" pantherturm kills.
  4. Where do I place the satchel charge on a pantherturm? I've been walking around one for five minutes, and I don't see the spot. I tried reloading the checkpoint, and randomly holding the button all around it. What am I missing?
  5. "Who You Gonna Call". I have the mission (Sub-Level 13) ready to go. I have a second controller. Just need 2 more (or one more with second controller). Gamertag: IndianaPWN5
  6. "Who You Gonna Call", on Xbox One. I have the mission (Sub-Level 13) ready to go. I have a second controller. Just need 2 more (or one more with second controller). Gamertag: IndianaPWN5
  7. I had the same problem with the tracker reverting to 0%, and there was an easy fix. Just quit and reload the Achievements app (go to your home screen, put the cursor on the Achievements app, press the Menu button, select Quit, then re-open the Achievements app). Percentages went right back to where they should be.
  8. So, I'm only missing the Judgement House Plaque artifact. I remember picking it up, but it isn't on my list of collected artifacts. If I go back to its location, I can't pick it up again. Even if I start a new game and go directly to the plaque as soon as possible, when I pick it up, it still doesn't add to my list. Any ideas of what's going wrong, or how I can fix this? EDIT: I just decided to start over while following the videos, and the achievements just popped when I picked up some random plaque (that I know I got the first time). Weird, but fixed.
  9. I need a partner for the co-op campaign on Authentic and the co-op challenges. I could also go for some ribbon boosting, if we can get at least 3 for the tagging one. GT: IndianaPWN5
  10. I've played every day since launch, and I haven't seen a single ocelot. I've been to several jungle biomes: no cats. Anyone else have this problem? Is there something I need to do to make them spawn? (In Survival, not Creative; for the achievement)
  11. No way. Ironman Mode can suck it. I got all the way to the Gibraltar Bridge level, then I fell through the geometry to my death. I hate modes without checkpoints. It's basically like the designers were so arrogant that they believed the game was so perfectly designed that it's impossible for you to die in a way that was their fault.
  12. How are you failing? I didn't have any trouble with that mission.
  13. Just tried this method, didn't work. I would not recommend. I thought that my notoriety would come back when I went back online, so this just cost me all the skills. There goes my top 1% rank.
  14. I can't believe how ridiculous this achievement is. Of all the minigames to force you to complete, this is the one they chose?! They hit every item in the list of things to not put in a game: taking controls away from the player, randomness, time limits on top of randomness, requiring 100% perfection for an achievement, way too many rounds per level, way too many levels, no way to tell how many rounds are left, long reset time, cash penalties, and probably more that I can't think of because I'm so frustrated. How did a single designer think that this was a good idea, let alone a whole company?! /rant
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