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  1. They don't pop if you're not connected to live. I had to beat the devil twice.
  2. I was thinking more taking that combat system and putting it into a more traditional action adventure game. Imagine the sense of discovery and adventure you get from Dark Souls but with For Honor combat system. One on one battles and running from point A to B one hitting NPCs on the way gets old quickly for me.
  3. I won't be buying it based on the beta, whilst I do like the complexity of one on one combat the game gets boring quickly. If only it was this game mechanics in a single player game like Dark Souls.
  4. Had the same issue, done everything, sides, encounters etc and still missing intel. Went on the map hit RB to switch to intel zoomed all the way out and intel appeared. Fuck this game. edit: still missing intel edit 2 : after zooming around the map in and out at all angles a side mission turn in just appeared out of nowhere for my last bunch of collectibles
  5. I can actually cruise through the gas can section what gets me is the elevator section straight after it. I've gotten to that section about 40-50 times and done it 2-3 times. It's insanely more difficult than any other section. Don't understand how the dlc was released we these kind of issues.
  6. You don't even need to use the QR codes you can just download your own items you've uploaded to the trading posts over and over.
  7. Changed my power setting to "Instant On" rebooted my xbox, went into a game got a pilot kill and the achievement popped :]
  8. When you start playing the game, even the trial version, you will get an achievement, so if you're someone who care about your gamerscore DON'T PLAY! I now have a game with 25/1000 that I don't own and really do not want to ever play again.
  9. There are some NPCs that don't give you cards for winning, it's happened to me twice. I've beaten an NPC and not won a card then played another and won a card from them. Incidently I'm missing two random cards Wyvern and Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach.
  10. I'm pretty confident shaky camera means head shot. The 'chievo popped for me on a shaky camera head shot after about 7-8 play throughs of Devil's Pit attempting head shot kills on every bandit. I found the best way to get the shaky camera is to use Axii to stun them and slump their head, move to the side, get very close to them and try and hit the top of their head, the crossbow is amazingly finicky but you can adjust your aim. It's not 100% but it did increase the frequency of shaky camera.
  11. There's definitely some serious problems with the head shot detection. I use Axii to stun the bandits which makes them sag their head so if you move to their side you can aim at their head knowing that you won't hit their chest, shoulder etc I've been using this method throughout the game whenever I've had to fight humans or non-humans I've always killed the last one this way. I've then played though Devil's Pit 5 times (so far) killing every enemy in this method and haven't had the achievement unlock. Meaning that even if the bolt goes clearly into the head it might not count. As far as the vibrating controller goes, every time I shoot a bolt it vibrates and every now and again the screen will shake when I get the kill, so maybe this is the indication that it's a registered headshot.
  12. Can you only get one card from each NPC player? I played one for the 1st time and beat him and won 4 x silk... but every new NPC I've beaten since then has given me a card, sometimes a new one sometimes one I already have.
  13. Think I can only echo everyone else's statements... up until and during the griffin I was not enjoying the game at all and felt sure I'd made a mistake in playing on the hardest difficulty but I'm glad I persevered, it's still difficult and I still die regularly but it's because I made a mistake rather than the game's too hard. I'm only lvl 5 but can easily take out lvl 9 enemies, been using Quen and now just discovered Axii to daze enemies and then kill them with one hit. Loving all the crafting of potions, bombs, swords etc really feel like I'm earning what I get.
  14. Easy 1000g and it is fun... but it boggles my mind that they didn't make this online, it's really fun playing with other people.
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