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  1. Well, at least easy 1000 G! Anyway, this game is a little bit "rusty" and "obscure", it doesn't tell you what to do, but imho is really addictive and I've played w/ strangers, 0 friends... I think this game should be played with friends both in coop and versus mode. The A.I. is broken, yeah, but the more you level up the more the A.I. is challenging (the friendly A.I.... well... become more and more "smart", i guess...) Well, I'm glad I've bought this game, I think Splash Damage will listen to the community and work around the clock to make this game better and better. I can not wait to play DLCs. For me the only think to complain about is the absence of dedicated servers: what a pity!
  2. Same problem for me. I don't know why, but after the 6:00 pm GMT, I am not able to connect to the servers: "warning EA's servers temporarly disabled"... ??? So I can't play any modes: neither Tier 1 mode neither multiplayer mode like Team Assault, Sector Control or Objective Raid... Maybe EA rents the servers from other providers: 6:00 GMT=Time to close, guys, let's have a dinner... ??? Anyway, EA sucks! No doubt about that. The problem: EA owns the majority of the talented developers and sometime the best IPs in the videogames industry... Well, fortunately we have Rocksteady, Rockstar Games, Doublefine Productions, thank you guys!
  3. I've played yesterday for the first time and I had surprisingly a lot of fun. But i feel FPS-developers should COPY the spawn-system I've seen in Team Fortress 2, in my humble opinion: zero spawn-trapping in TF2! Anyway, I like the match style: slow-paced, few frills... If you stay on your toes, you can flank the camping-snipers and stab them, though there are a lot of choke points (I don't know if in a real infantry urban warfare scenario, you have these choke-points, but it seems to me pretty realistic). So, I've changed my mind: pretty good multiplayer game, so far... Not so incredible, but a good relief, waiting for Battlefield 3. P.S. EA your servers do really suck more often than they should...
  4. First ranked match, first victory:drunk My team: 1) Cap, Charging Star 2) Iron Man, UniBeam 3) Wolverine, Berserker Barrage My enemy: 1) Dante (spamming: Jam session, Reverb Shock, Hysteric) 2) Deadpool (spamming: Trigger Happy, Ninja gift, Quick work) 3) Wolverine (don't know, I smashed him before he could try spamming...) He spammed a lot, I had a bad time, but then I used a lot of parry, team support, air combo, Team Hyper combo... I won. Cool. Though I feel that will be one of few victories for me, 'cause I suck (DAMN Z-move, I have to practice). Anyway, no resentment, it seems to me that the game forces you to spam: it's a bad habit, but the fever for the victory is high and it's difficult to stay calm... So no complain for my enemy's team and his way of fighting...
  5. @Didi Mau Thanks, I will practice. I was too impatient, 'cause it seemed to me that MvsC 3 would be easier than Super Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix or SSF4. Anyway, the more I try playing fighting games, the more I like them (even though I feel CAPCOM has became too lazy: I don't like the menus and the roster on MvsC 3, just my opinion...). Well, I will keep on practicing and I will try to play better the Street Fighter brand, Blazblue and Mortal Kombat. Full Immersion... 'Cause I'm getting tired of FPS... Thanks.
  6. Thank you so much OP! Could you make a video tutorial for the Z-move (, , +) with the 360-controller, please? I'm not able to perform this move. I mess around with the D-pad on the original 360-controller. With the Left Stick, I often perform half-circles or quarter-circles... Damn. I will never land this: , , + ! I guess I will have to buy an Arcade-Stick, right?
  7. OP, I agree with you. The roster is one of the worst. I fear the DLC-Milking-Politics-Farming-Cash-Out-Of-Customers... Now, I am looking forward to play the MK reboot... I feel japanese developers are getting worse and worse... Just IMHO (well, I haven't yet played Blazblue, I will give it a try)
  8. Really? I can't find people for the ranked matches. I mean, users online who want to play for fun, not the boosters. Yesterday, I've been waiting so long in a lobby, I gave up... What a pity!
  9. Help, please. Can't find the Engineer Cross, coming back to the Train Station level, after the Cruise ship level... I saw him at the beginning, in the place suggested by OP, but I didn't stack into him. Now, after completing the Ship Cruise and coming back at the Train Station i can't find him...
  10. I don't know why people don't play this game! I mean, in my opinion, it's funny... When I try to play it online on ranked match, I barely find one person... What a pity that the online community does not support this game! Just 400 MP and tons of fun. Off Topic: Well, I love Team Fortress 2*, I play Battlefield*, I've sold Call of Duty: Black Ops, my first online experience on the CoD franchise... (yeah, I don't like the majority of the people playin' the Call of Duty franchise: 90% cheaters, 90% neo-nazis, 90% children screamin'...) *Maybe this is the reason why I like this game...
  11. EDIT: Done! Thanks to dj_racey_jc and the guys from Trueachievements.org
  12. Sorry for the following question, I'm just curious. Watching this on giantbomb.com: http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-medal-of-honor/17-3354/, from 4:28 you see how intensly scripted the campaign is (too bad, but already seen in the CoD franchise...). At 7:10 they talk about an enemy-infinite-spawn point... Can anyone please confirm this and tell me which is this point? I'm asking it here 'cause I think people who post here are talking because they've "studied" more about the game and noticed the flaws. Thank you.
  13. Hi, everybody. Need help in order to unlock the following: 1) Solo Veteran "Win 10 Solo matches with at least 5 gamertags in the room." 2) Enforcer "Eliminate 5 different human opponents in 30 seconds with at least 10 gamertags in the room." (AAAARGH!) Please, anyone interested, feel free to add you or add me: 1. me, Giano Bifronte (Italy); 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Playin' almost everyday from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Central Europe Time (GMT+1). Thanx, see you on LIVE.
  14. Thanx! Just posted your tips in the achievement guide. Hope the OP will edit and hope your tips gonna work. Just bought this game and i would like to play it and enjoy it.
  15. About achievements related to the difficulty settings: Can anyone confirm this? Please OP, edit your guide
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