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  1. When are they patching this? Been quite a while now.
  2. Once again, all is well Thank you ArthriticNed!
  3. Well I just need to online achievements now. GT = Van Hooligan X Hit me up if you want to get this done
  4. Was wondering if anyone could dupe Infinity, conference call, The Bee or Thunderball Fists. Willing to pay in whatever really. (Assistance with missions, cash, quick achievements, etc.)
  5. Okay. Just managed to get it in co-op mode. I had 4 bots around me and it wasn't doing fuck all for about 5-10 mins. Once we swarmed the end and were going to win I just mashed the Y button and left stick and got lucky. Glad that 1 is over with.
  6. What the fuck. How're you supposed to use this skill? I press Launch this skill and all it does is back out of the skill. This is the only skill I need to use and whenever I get it I can't use it.
  7. Worth a shot... Need help finding Jimmy Jenkins. Would be greatly appreciated. Fucking little shit refuses to spawn for me.
  8. I'm slightly confuzzled by the very end with Clem sitting on the log. Who were the 2 people in the distance, why was Clem just staring at them, what does it meeeaaan?
  9. Hey. I haven't played this game yet but I was just wondering about the co-op really. Can you play co-op mode for the whole story mode or is it something different? If yes, you can play the story missions together. Can all players unlock the achievements together? Thank you in advance
  10. Need Team Saviour. I need to die the most in a round as well but not bothered about that 1. Hit me up if you wanna do Team Saviour. GT: Van Hooligan X
  11. Achievements I need: Locust, Forever. Come to Poppa! Defending the Past. Now They Begin to Understand. Zeta Team, Go! Really want to get this done quite quickly really. I also need I'm Rubber, You're Glue too if anyone wants to trade that but I'm more bothered about getting the other 5 done. GT: Van Hooligan X
  12. Unlucky pal. Buy a few packs and that might change.
  13. I have recently gotten Pique 87 in a pack. I'm willing to trade but please understand i've only just started so i'm not going to part ways with him very easily.
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