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  1. I would be very likely be described as a Fallout apologist for anything with the game by my friends, and even I can't imagine what they were thinking with the Minecraft garbage puzzles. Absolutely awful.
  2. Am I missing something with the multiplayer? I'm trying to do couch co-op, and the second player doesn't seem to be an option despite it saying so when playing Battletoads. I might be missing something really obvious, but until I figure this out, I can't torture my daughter with Battletoads
  3. In case anyone decides to go out and buy a different version of the game based on what AbsolutInk said, it's not accurate whatsoever. Having the game completed does nothing to unlock anything on different versions.
  4. Even though I'm a huge fan of the TV series, this is easily one of the worst games on the console. I would not recommend it to anyone. It's filled with some of the worst design decisions I've ever seen, a lot of the controls are pretty awful, and is one of the most repetitive games. It probably took them about 5 minutes to put the entire game together. I wanted to give anyone else a fair warning about this one before you think "hey, I like the series, it can't be THAT bad". It is THAT bad.
  5. I got The core 3 Ignitor Flameslinger Terrafin Zook Gill Grunt Chill Bouncer Drill Sergeant (series 1) Double Trouble (series 1) That made sure I had every element. I bought Gill Grunt and Flameslinger extra because I had such luck with these characters in the first game - when I wrote the guide for Skylanders 1, I recommended those 2 a lot in it (along with Terrafin) and I'm sticking with that.
  6. I'm not even making it that far. The very second he dies, with the check mark in the middle of the screen, I lock up.
  7. Has anyone tried to do it with your inventory up? Seems like the framerate (which is allegedly the issue) wouldn't drop then... I'm grasping at straws here, honestly.
  8. Diamondz, I must say that you have one of the most useful posts I have ever seen on this site. Your information would double the content of the (very lacking) guide - amazing work, and thank you so much.
  9. Any good locations that anyone is aware of?
  10. Just went back through the ending again, getting the 9 Prismere Dust available in the ending (if you want all nine, make sure your alchemy is 100%) and then leaving and getting the 1 that is available in a cove between Eventide and Ashmoor. I have pretty much mass quantities of everything else. I guess I am going to work on a few theories around why, but I'm not sure how you got lucky.
  11. See Diamondz post below for reagent locations.
  12. Hard is honestly not at all bad as long as you have the proper planning (health potions, lockpicks, etc.). I'd consider myself not at all that good at most games, and I have yet to die on hard. All I seem to be spending my money on as well is health potions, lockpicks, and the very, very rare repair.
  13. Mentioned. Never even considered this a possibility. Thank you for letting me know!
  14. Great work. I will include it with proper crediting in the stickied guide ... Please keep it going
  15. Thank you for letting me know, I overlooked that part. Updated now - when I read the rules on walkthroughs, I figured that the "Extra Equipment" refered to stuff not actually with the game (for example, the camera or Kinect). Your explanation is perfect as to why it should include even what is in the actual box for the game. I apologize for not having that in there originally.
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