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  1. I managed to pick up the DLC for a few Pounds at a charity shop, had a play, got some achievements, want to log them. But everytime I try to tick (or un-tick) an achievement, and save, the refreshed page doesnt save my new achievements and points. I've trying disabling and re-enabling the achievement check list, cleared all ticks, and started again, but the same thing happens. Surely I can be the only one with the problem, but would someone with the capacity to - mind taking a look at it for me. Thanks very much!!
  2. I have the same question. I keep ordering the 3D version off Amazon, but keep receiving the GotY edition that says it only has 4 challenge maps on the front cover. Are they the same, just with different front covers, or are there actually 2 different versions of the GotY edition?
  3. GT: Fishy2606 Would love me a t-shirt or signed comic!
  4. Question: Why do x360a display the Scam 'Make money from posting links on Google', 'How I got ripped' and other such scam ads?
  5. Well, finally got it to work for me! Used exact method described in the guide. Only thing I should mention is that you do have to be lucky with the positioning of the Civilization capitals, and that you don't get the English or Greeks. Other than that, take your first few capitals, see how you are doing for time (the date really) to guage whether or not you can finish before 1000AD. I finished at 450AD. Thanks for the post! Another game 1000GS'ed
  6. Ok, finally done it! Biggest help is to take the house on the right of the German HQ at teh end, clear the house out, and a checkpoint will pop. Then go up to the first floor (making sure you've killed all the guys up there, the checkpoint will pop when you have) then go to the window overlooking the HQ and start throwing grenades and shooting all the guys coming out, after a while no more will. Then enter the house, there will only be a few left on the ground floor and tehn those upstairs. This stategy makes it a lot easier, and less to do when you die, and if you're like me, it'll definately happen ... a lot! Happy hunting!
  7. Dear lord this level is hard! Only ever managed to take the Barn, somehow, but then seem to be stuck in the middle of it all again, almost take house A, but the last remaining guy on the top floor takes 4 bullets and shoots me dead in 1! AARRRGGHHH!!!!
  8. Thats good, thanks! Still not as good as US thou, damn you MS!
  9. Well, 12 months comes in around 40 GBP, or there abouts. The US is around $40, which is about 26 GBP. I know amazon Uk have a 12+1 month card for a shade under 35 GBP, but thats still a huge difference! Just checked, and amazon US won't ship the prepaid code to the UK, so its all a pointless excerise, sorry folks. And i've been stung on eBay before with this, apparently the code was sent in several emails, all of which i didnt get, only managed to recieve the ones telling me it had sent! A$$ muncher!
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a Gold Membership card from the US, and then use it on a UK account? I don't see why the UK should pay an extra 12 Pounds for exactly the same product, plus, as I have to watch my money spending, the cheapest option is always best! Sorry if this has been answered before, but the Search fuction for the Forum wouldn't work for me. Thanks guys
  11. Sinclair C5 anyone, would be rather funny going more than 20 mph in that, and upgrading the electrical engine to a petrol one, well,would defeat the point, but still be rather funny! A nice selection of TV/Film cars would be cool, like in Burnout Parade, but better, and more of!
  12. Same, i used the HKS Time Attack Evo, got 96k my first lap on Fujimo Reverse! So annoyed, but was only my first time doing drift seriously, so quite impressed. Had all assits OFF Gears on MANUAL Might try auto gears ... no real need to buy tune i'm afraid - prob would have bought it if i was a gold member and could get on the storefront, but i'm obviously tight with my money! Ha!
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