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  1. Is it the "Unwind the Clock" pin? That's from the first game, if you defeat the Clock Tower boss with thinner.
  2. This is related to the Mean Street train station quest. Talk to the guy in the ticket booth and he'll give you the quest. You have to buy a Watch sketch, then return to the station, use the sketch, and throw Oswald up to the clock so he can fix it. With that done, you can change the time on the clock so you can get into Walt's apartment.
  3. I should also point out that the D.E.C. between Fort Wasteland and the Floatyard, as far as I know, can only be run through backwards if you have a second controller so you can have Oswald throw Mickey to get over the power-open wall.
  4. Are you getting stuck at the drawbridge you have to power on to lower? Just go under it, thin the red book to the left of it, and use the spring box to launch back up. Then just go left to the other entrance.
  5. False. You can totally make it entering from the Devil side entrance.
  6. You don't have to do both in the same run. You can get the stars in one run (or over multiple runs), and silver in another.
  7. I haven't had it disconnect when buying courses or whatever (I still have the pirate levels left, though), but it did disconnect when I finished a course and had collected new stars. It still says I have them, but they weren't added to my spendable stars (nor were the stars from beating the gold time). I hope I'm not screwed out of the Silver Star achievement because of this.
  8. Did anyone who completed the punch card for the avatar item last month get the item yet?
  9. So they DON'T lock in right after being selected? I thought they did after what I'd read. That doesn't actually answer my question, though, about the game stopping.
  10. Something I've been wondering about the 360 version (since, again, I only have the Steam version right now): When you press the dashboard button, does the game stop? I know there are some games where the game keeps going when you press the dashboard button, and others where "time stops". Basically, let's say the game rolls a bad set of bounty challenges. Do you have to move fast to return to the dashboard before they lock in, or can you just press the dashboard button, then take your time exiting?
  11. Something I noticed and believe is worth mentioning: When using the "go all-in on every hand" strategy, don't do it on the first hand of a tournament. Play the first hand like normal (or just fold) and let it come to an end. That way, the game reaches a "save point" to continue from. Starting a tournament takes $20K from your balance. So if you go all-in and lose on the first hand repeatedly, even if you quit/dashboard before the hand ends, you'll keep losing money starting new tournaments. This is just based on my currenty limited experience with the Steam version. I've only just won my first tournament, so I don't know if, say, getting your bounty challenges or a character buying in with an item creates a "save point" at the start of a tournament.
  12. I checked this achievement at TrueAchievements, and the solution there states that losing a tournament does indeed set you back on the path to this achievement. Though between being able to dashboard out of a bad situation and Omaha Hold'em being easier, winning doesn't sound as hard as it was in the first game.
  13. Rgarding We Are the 1%, does losing tournaments lose money towards this achievement? Or does it only count winnings? For example, let's say you bust out. You lost $10,000. Does this pull you $10,000 further away from the achievement?
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