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  1. Happy to let people kick my ass for 'A real contender' achievement message me gt:mikey 859 TIA
  2. Looking to boost online GT:mikey 859 Just need to get online plays
  3. Looking to boost all online achivo's GT:mikey 859
  4. ICEMAN22D

    Dal Shuttle

    Has anybody had any problems when going for the NO human kill run though where Dal's Shuttle doesn't have the bridge going to it so you can't get inside? I've done previous play throughs with no problem but this one isn't working for some reason.
  5. Looking to boost online achievements and looking for a partner to do survival with. Have a mic and from the uk. GT:mikey 859 TIA
  6. Looking to boost daily challenges and gen specific requirements, will help with anything else get:mikey 859 On evenings at 7pm UK time Thanks
  7. Looking to get a group (all 15 people) to boost the hell outa these achivo's. I will be on evenings from 7PM UK Time. If anybody knows the method please message below and add your gamertag and message me when you have so I can message you back when we have enough. 1.mikey 859 2 TIA
  8. Happy to boost achievements any evening from 7PM UK time, I have a mic and happy to use it. GT:mikey 859 TIA
  9. Me too only have revives left to do. Message me and we'll knock it out! GT: mikey 859
  10. Hey guys, looking to boost all MP achivo's and trials. Please add or message me. I'm from the UK on most evenings from 7PM and I have a mic. TIA
  11. These are the last two quests I need to unlock but don't know how? Can anybody help please? TIA
  12. I'm up for boosting Spaceland achivo's I have a mic. From the UK. on every night from 7PM GMT Message or add me GT: mikey 859
  13. Looking to boost the Re-ups does anybody know if the king of the hill method works on how 4?
  14. Looking to do the achievements on the last two dlc's. I'm an ok player with a dlc's . Message or add me gt:mikey 859 Thanks
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