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  1. Hi guys, Goon De-Leet will not unlock i have amassed 1500 kills all up including vehicle kills for goon squad and no achievement. Tried a reset, tried doing more kills, tried roaming, tried other loads, no dice! Thanks if anyone can help out!
  2. Yes i completey understand that dude! I have now realised what is happening. So before i posted this it was even on the xbox android app showing i have played Sniper Ghost Warrior. Now it's gone and all is well! lol:confused:
  3. Very weird then... maybe Microsoft is planning to backlog there older games into the Xbox App. As to why it would show up in your achievement list is quite weird :/
  4. Long time since i have posted, anyway last night i loaded up Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 on Windows 10 within Steam and it is now showing in my Achievement list on the Xbox App with the game apparently showing no achievements... Has anybody every had this? Can i unlock achievements?
  5. It's not really an error. it's actually your xbox saying i'm really hot let me cool down. Move your xbox into a place with more ventilation and clean all ventilation chambers on the xbox.
  6. QFT. They try and make it out like it's a good thing. Who the hell wants to play a game in installments.
  7. All in all New Game + wasn't hard. The last brawl on top of GCPD took me about 3 attempts. Don't know if it was just me but it didn't feel like a nightmare difficulty. lol
  8. Fallout 3 with one load over 300+ hours another with 300+ and a few many more times of completion
  9. Same experience here, couldn't keep playing for the life of me, online and campaign were really bad.
  10. You're saying the GTA IV looked the same as Xbox...? Maybe if you were playing on low at 1024x769 reso. Playing 4 at 1920x1080 Ultra and it looks grand spanking. GTA 4 on xbox lagged like a motherfu****.
  11. I am 18 and i have Tinnitus, i just chuck on South Park at low volume and it usually knocks me out(every night). Otherwise i just go back on the computer for a bit until i can barely stay awake.
  12. http://www.overclock.net/t/1408947/guardian-revealed-how-microsoft-handed-the-nsa-access-to-encrypted-messages/20#post_20389623 So Microsoft has given rights to NSA. Reminds me of John Carter who got prisoned for his comment on A LOL Team speak server. You guys have it well in Merica/
  13. The PS4 and X1 will be using the same Architecture, using an AMD CPU. x86 coding etc... The games will be almost the same. It just depends know really on which hardware is better. The PS4 is winning with better hardware, but i believe Micrsoft will be able to fight back.
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