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  1. I would love the opportunity to play those games. But i would love it even more if there was more news for Thi4f. @Arenazombie I remember that level. So creepy when i was young. They did a great job creating individual memorable environments.
  2. For me it was no question, considering that my opinion has almost nothing to do with the story of either. CZ was much more appealing for me because it helped me reaquaint myself with the world of DR, as well as get me pumped up for the new one. It provided us with the 1st look at some of the new gameplay features (Building) and characters (Chuck & Katie). It just got us 'ready' which is an idea that i hope other series' implement in the future. CZ seemed like stale dlc for fans who missed Frank, I being one of them. Although, seeing Frank is anticlimatic and the nostaligia factor wears off quick within the 4-hour gametime and boring environments. My point is that i like the idea of "almost" prequel dlc as opposed to post. I've never been a fan of extra content that is forced to expand an already complete story. It tends to put strain on the original plot. What do you think?
  3. I used to do this sort of thing in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind when i was younger. That game had so many unique items, weapons, and armor, that you just had display because it all looked so cool sitting on shelves and beds around the room of your choice. What sucked though was when you get so much stuff into one enviroment, the game would create an 'overflow bag' to catch any stuff you drop which prevents you from ever dropping anything ever again in that area. ahh...the fighter's guild barracks...those were the days.
  4. They sure did drop the ball by discontinuing the majority of the improvised weapons from FO3. It just makes sense that you're going to find a load of random items in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and you're going to want to combine them to make an assortment of goodies. They understood that in the last, so why rid us of that in the next. They could have planned countless more items to create in New Vegas that would have been greatly appreciated. I thought the reloading bench was a rather weak idea. I hardly used it, seeing as ammo was plentiful to find and inexpensive to purchase.
  5. I'm disappointed they didn't have more song variety in this game. The rights for these songs can't be expensive to incur, so why not include 30 more. Anything in the same vein would do. After only a few hours of gameplay with the radio on, i couldn't bear it anymore. Of course, that didn't stop me from hearing the songs over and over again within the many areas in the game that contained remote radios.
  6. So you're saying under normal circumstances you would be interested in a game involving the sucking of monkey dicks?
  7. Exactly. It sounds like someone is frustrated with not being able to beat the game quick enough. That's why it's a "skill" game. It takes a little time to master.
  8. A very solid game, even more so with the price tag. I would not have been upset with myself at all for paying 400msp for it. Literally a steal, with the ability to hold up against other average arcade titles.
  9. I 'LOVE' when they get rid of games without saying anything. They could have done a going-out-of-business sale...Now i'll never know the whereabouts of Waldo.
  10. I wish I would have stayed away from this game, but then I wouldn't be able to tell people about the worst sandbox game i've ever played. There is not 1 character that is interesting or entertaining, and not 1 mission or objective that is fun to accomplish or unique after playing JC for 5 mins. Instead we get obnoxious cultural stereotypes, tedious domination-esque takeover missions, bland collection objectives, and frustrating races due to a poor physics system and an over-eager policia force. On the plus side, I have no problems with the graphics. The environments are lush and colorful. Even though this game is a port for a newer generation's console, the visuals hold up to this day; at least from a distance. If you get too close to any buildings or people, things start to get ugly in a hurry. It's too bad nothing worthwhile was included in the beautiful jungle landscapes. Everything is devoid of life and personality that could possibly make it stand out against other titles. Not recommended. 55/100
  11. @ripgore187 i agree with you. instead of being satisfying, the game is annoyingly frustrating to complete. the modern warfare's had a nice balance of challenge and skill, but were also quite doable with a concerted effort. mw2 had it right, while black ops feels like a step back.
  12. i'd like to join up with people. send me message. i'm online at least once a day, so we can work something out. GT: Phenominality
  13. Looking for a team to play the dlc levels with. i'm a level 40 (as i'm writing this), so i know what i'm doing and am serious about helping people with achievements within my party. just send me a message in-game about bioshock or boosting. GT: Phenominality
  14. I think we have to suspend disbelief just for the game. This seems more like a plot hole than an area we can actually use logic to explain. I didn't mind the quirks. I was shocked to discover what the seeds were really used for, personally. They were present throughout the entire story, but I didn't imagine they were actually implanting the women so they would grow trees out of their vaginas. It was quite disturbing for a game i thought would be boring overall.
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