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  1. I've been having trouble with the first level on "Underground." In the very first mission your suppose to come in 1st place, while jumping over Airplanes onto ramps to get 20x. Seems simple enough, but the thing that is giving me trouble is that the arrow on the HUD turns Red while i'm trying to jump off a ramp and causes me to loose my speed while jumping over a plane. I've positioned myself on the ramp in every way possible and it still won't let me cross over the plane to the otherside, where the 2 ramps are placed to jump both planes. For those who can help, please inform me what i'm doing wrong and what I should do to jump the planes. Thanks for the help EDIT: Nevermind, I managed past this part and finished the game.
  2. All the songs listed so far are ok and not really songs I would have liked to see in the game. My list: Frankenstein- Edgar Winter Group Infected- Bad Religion Crossroads - Cream Because It's Midnite - Limozeen Seventeen - Winger Bang Your Head (Metal Health) - Quiet Riot Holy Diver - Dio
  3. This may help out for some, i'm unsure about some of these since i'm still learning the language. 18 and 20 are the same, I don't know why. 1.Beginners' class clearing - The tutorial of GOC was cleared 2.Suppression of army of darkness - [ashiyurei] is pushed down 3.The fang animal which drives recklessly - [ereku] is pushed down 4.The dark demon derived teacher is defeated - [doyasu] is pushed down 5.Black Jishi is destroyed - The un clo wire is pushed down 6.Cooling-off of fang animal - Fang animal [riyuhain] is pushed down 7.Heaven-sent child of blast flame - [hiro] was designated as the companion 8.Power of black horseman - The blood ace was designated as the companion 9.Monarch learning - The general is designated as 30 companions 10.Normal monarch - The general is designated as 80 companions 11.Nice monarch-The general is designated as 130 companions 12.Great monarch- The general is designated as 180 companions 13. Dominant person of continent- The general is designated as 240 companions 14.GOC master- All scenarios are cleared 15.[supekutorarutawa] conquest - [supekutorarutawa] 100 floor clearing 16.The angel 7 and cooperation of God - The ground was designated as the companion 17. Acquisition of augite of ore dragon -The ore dragon is suppressed. 18.Crime it comes deeply, the purification of soul - All power is pushed down by power of the dark dragon 19.Secret of [runika] ruins - Secret of the [runika] ruins is known 20.Crime it comes deeply, the purification of soul -All power is pushed down by power of the dark dragon
  4. Ok, i'm unsure if this might be the case but it i'll put it out there. I rented the game and started on MK, beat chapter 1 and got (Ach) went on and didn't get chapter 3 but unlocked chapter 5 and story completed. I didn't lose a match except in chapter 3, so I went back and replayed it again and didn't lose a fight in chapter 3 and it unlocked. I won every fight in DC and all unlocked without a replay. Now I didn't know anything about it when I rented the game and figured this out myself.
  5. Hey Randall, I have a few online Achs left, me and my friend have been trying to get this game finished. Please drop me a message when XBOX get's back on track and we'll work out something. GT: HAVOK4500
  6. Will be on Sat and early on Sunday, because I can't make it after 8pm EST time on Sunday. Just drop me a message. Thanks,
  7. If anybody on the list doesn't show, me and my friend are trying to finish up the MP. My GT: HAVOK4500 Friends GT: BlueBalls1988 I may start a seperate party if your unable to add us. Thanks,
  8. I'll send everyone a message when it get's close to boosting time. If you don't live in the states please make sure to check what time you need to login. I'll see everyone later.
  9. *FINAL EDIT* This Post Is Officaly Closed, Thanks For All Who Joined and I Hope All Goes Well. Your Welcome. Ok, here is a list with everyone involved so far, if your free all week please inform me on here or my GT: HAVOK4500. *EDIT* Ok, if I get enough people to join i'm gonna set the start time somewhere between 6-8pm EST Time, this Thursday. Please inform me if this would be a good start. 1.HAVOK4500 2.AlphaFist 3.Kaiswil2 4.Obsulete 5.Odorless Furball 6.ZerobeatX List is updated, ZerobeatX, I might have to switch you out for Kaiswil2, i'm unsure if he'll make it. Plus he's already got 1000 out of the game. *2nd EDIT* Wow this was fast, ok I just need to know if the time is alright this Thursday from everyone, just message me on LIVE. I'll inform everyone tomorrow. When sending me a message across LIVE please inform me it's for COJ Boosting. Thanks,
  10. Hey Plan, Add me to the list, I only need the 8Vs8 and i'll be done. I'll send you a friend invite. HAVOK,
  11. Alright, later today me and a friend will have all of the online except... "No, Seriously." Now I own the game and just put it in yesterday and have all but 3-4 acheivements. My friend just rented it, which leaves me not being able to get the final one. I'm willing to boost the 10,001 kills, anytime i'm free this week. My wild guess of knowing my kills so far is around 300 or so, without counting the 100 Sniper kills. It will be a long and boring process, but if we play for 2-3 hours a day or the weekend we can nail this down switching off kills. Also if anyone wants to form a group to make it quicker, please inform me. My GT is: HAVOK4500 Please leave me a message, I live in the states and my time is Eastern Central. Thanks for reading this long post, but it's worth a good cause or so I think. HAVOK2000,
  12. Thanks to all for helping me get the 6vs6, now all I need is 8vs8, but i'm hoping Demon Guyver and the group I was in will still help me out.
  13. If it's ok I would like to join this boosting party, I only need the 6Vs6 and 8Vs8. :uzi:I need this game done!!! I got the timezone ready, it's gonna be 2pm my time when it's 8pm for most in the party. I just need to confirm the day...Saturday or Sunday? Thanks, GT: HAVOK4500
  14. I only need 70 more wins out of 200 and i'm done with the online Achievements, if anyone is willing to help please add my GT: HAVOK4500. I'll be more than happy to help anyone else out as well. Thanks,
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