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  1. I played through this game and missed 3 story based achievements. Something was wrong with the servers or something because none of my achievements were unlocking. This was happening to other titles as well. I fixed the problem by deleting my account on the console and signing back in. Now that my achievements are unlocking, how can I go through this game again for the story based ones? Can I make up a bogus email under my profile to acquire these?
  2. I figured it out somehow. I had to delete my account from the console then sign back in. After I did this, I attempted the achievement again and it unlocked...finally!! I also uninstalled and re-installed the game. Not sure if it was one or the other, or a combination of both. But now they unlock!
  3. I've played almost through the whole episode and I haven't unlocked any achievements! Not even the story related ones! I've followed this guide thoroughly and I've got nothing!! Can someone help??
  4. Is the MK1 tower still active? I play everyday and notice it always says "coming soon" what's the "secret fight" requirements?
  5. I used the Supra in free roam. Just go to the air strip and zigzag your car back and forth down the runway! Easy as pie!
  6. Hello,


    In our system, the name of the game you're looking for is "Alarm for Cobra 11: Crash Time"

  7. I've tried codes before, but never worked. I don't know when to put in the code nor do I know if it was correct or not. Please HELP!! If at all possible could I have the code in (a,b,x,y) fashion? I'm not familiar with what high punch, low kick whatever,ect... Thanks!!
  8. I'll do the online and bugs bug achieves anytime. Message me gamer tag: TheNookiedawg
  9. I found the perfect spot to take down 25 of Fizzco's blimps. Go to where the final boss battle was (thebuilding). Between little Tokyo and old factory district. You can ride the blue rails here. Once at the location, stop at the red bridge, turn and face the 2 nuke towers (this is where the blimps will spawn Everytime). If there's a blimp nearby, destroy it and go back to the red bridge and wait 3mins for the next one to spawn. Don't wait any closer than the red bridge as the blimps won't spawn if your too close. You're welcome!
  10. I did finally get it, thanks! I just had to remember to suck real bad!
  11. I've replayed a few different missions and this isn't unlocking! Is there something I'm missing?
  12. I've played through the entire game and I've only unlocked the "where credit is due" achievement for 100g! What's the deal!?
  13. It is part of the xb1 anniversary. I too received the 7 in-game items for sunset. I also got an email saying Microsoft is giving me "Limbo", as soon as its released. I already own Limbo for 360, I'm wondering if its coming to the ONE?!
  14. I need some players to play with to get the online achievements. I'm not familiar with where everything is. I just enjoy the stages themselves. This game is weird as hell, but fun! Need boosting buddies!! Gamer tag: TheNookiedawg Thankx
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