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  1. Just so I know are people still playing this awesome gem? Also will they be bringing out a new one?
  2. Need someone to do online achvs with message me: l B00J l
  3. I would like to achievment trade add my GT: l B00J l its zeros not o's
  4. would like a boosting partner for the online cheevos: GT l B00J l (that is a 0 and a l)
  5. I have always been an MGS fanatic glad there is somebody out there who likes the game as much as I do
  6. Hey guys, I've only now really just started using xba, but I will use it a lot more now that I have the time I currently am at college and doing Health and Social Care Well I hope to get to know a lot of you on here (PS it seems as though my GT is not being found D: )
  7. I would love to play online against people my GT is: l BOOJ l
  8. I need help with the online stuff my gamertag is: l BOOJ l
  9. I honestly can't stand people quitting when you go like 1-0 up in under 10mins, what is the point, you can easily get it back in the matter of time that is left. Eughh :@
  10. Best game I have ever played, absolutely dedicated my self to get all 1750g and obv i even bought the dlc that is how much i love that game
  11. It definately has to be Saints row, this is because I think the overall gameplay is better and there is a lot more stuff to do like the activities
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