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  1. i can help with most of your acheeves i only need a couple of co op ones. the trouble is im on a 48hr trail so time is of the essence.
  2. if you need the expert achievement for any campain and are up for expert glitch hit me up on xbox live
  3. this dosent seem to work for me is it ok to let the second controller go idle until controller 1 is on the hedge
  4. i need the last for campains and the 4v4 achievements. preferably looking for 3 people so we could do each level twice with the expert glitch.
  5. i need the last 4 campains and would like to get them before they patch it i also need the 4v4 achievement so im up for the expert glitch
  6. you can count me in if you need anybody else i'm on now
  7. all i need is wardriving and 2 on echo. if u need the same let me no. im not bad at taking juggenauts down either
  8. if anybody else needs the coop mission achievements. let me know all i wannt to do is the co-op mission acheves but if you wanna do the activitys then ill help.
  9. how do you unlock the FLUFFER achievement(completed ultor exposed mission arc).and the PHONE SEX achievement(called tera s a homie).
  10. im looking for co-op parner to do all the missions with and maybe the activitys ,. even if we just did the missions thats still alot of gamerscore.. txt me on xboxlive
  11. its about the 2nd or 3rd mission the 1 where you have to get on a jet ski but the chopper keeps coming and takes me out wth 1 shot every time,any help tips appreciated
  12. i have bought this game online and am waiting for it to be delivered so i will need the co-ops achievements. im in the uk so ets time. pm me
  13. looking for some 1 to trade cars and decals with and maybe some money 2
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