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  1. KotetsuMacabre my team name is DreamTheatre
  2. I got 1000 at - 110:07:90 probably took a little when i didnt get drops etc, i used the adam at eden so you could probably add a couple off hours ontop of that since the time wouldnt have been updated. And i plan to do it all again on ps3 YAY!
  3. i dont know if anybody has posted about this yet, and i cant find anything about it yet but i was thinking about mission 63: Adamantortoise. This method could earn you decent money each kill with the added bonus of drops (Plat Ingots/Traps) each time you re-do this mission you get a gold nugget, worth 60,000 gil. If you were to say replay this mission 99 times which only takes a little longer to get to and regain TP that would be 99x60000=5.9mil plus any plat ingots you get so lets say you get 20 from the 99 which would be 20x150000=3mil. You could however get lucky and get more. 1. activate ceith stone in sulya springs 2. warp to north archylle steppe 3. grab chocobo and make way to mark 4. kill mark and get winnings 5. walk to warp stone & repeat It probably takes longer than other methods but at least it guarantees some gil. Anyone think this could work~?
  4. Ok so while i was grinding for cp from the adamtortose's i got 2 trapehez's (lol cant spell it) and 10 plat ingnots? so now that i have maxed out my characters i also have a nirvana (improved debuffing II) so i was wondering should i max out a weapon for my other 2 characters (lightning/fang) then complete all the marks then 5 start them etc. I plan on getting the treasure hunter achievement last so can someone explain to me the whole dismantling to get trapehez's? provided i collect enough money could i get all the ultimate weapons by using only 3 trapehez's? i dont get the while dismantle thing (i have 3 genji gloves as well so at the end of the game i can dismantle then to get another 1 per glove) :/
  5. If i complete all the required missions to get these monsters to appear would that include the one in eden since i will/need to grind from him, but cant if he is "transformed"
  6. Grinding both CP and Gil at mission 24 SIGNED!
  7. This is going to be a stupid question but i upgraded to the malbro wand, that will work better right? it doesnt need to be beladonna wand does it?
  8. Any tips on where to start grinding in general. Just completed the main story so i dont have a growth egg just yet :/
  9. I think Initial weapons (no upgrading) plus maybe another factor would be doable and interesting... Maybe Initial weapons and no accessorys, or one step further and do IWNA1R (Initial weapon no accessory 1 role)
  10. Title may seem misleading What im talking about is this: Iv played almost every FF game released minus 3 and JPN mobile phone games. But i think in almost every game i have at one point been able to do a Low level game, or a No summons game, etc. I love FFXIII but i dont really think there is a chance of this? 1. No chance of single character challenge 2. No point on No Summons cause towards the end they are kinda useless anyway 3. No low level cause there are no levels 4. No point on No Items cause again they are useless towards the end (not as useless as summons though) There is only 2 i can think of No Crystarium & One Role per character. But even then i think they would be impossible some monsters towards were killing me in one hit when i was using the crystarium and the one role per character could work, would be challenging since most of the game you are paired off in either 2's or 3's What do you guys think?
  11. mine is 42,949/210,000 im from the Uk and thats a pretty low number
  12. you know you dont need to just just press "auto-battle" you can imput the commands the way you like as well?
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