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  1. I really was wondering if I could just play thru the game and go back and get the collectibles when I finish?
  2. I have deleted, reinstalled, timed myself, waited a day.... What else do I do? I still can not get home runner to unlock. Is anyone still having issues besides me?
  3. I took a quick peek and didn't see either of those problems on your profile. Looks like your picture is there and your rank is user as it should be. I believe you are fine :) Anything else I can help you out with?

  4. Hi. I haven't been on in a while and I posted today and noticed my picture changed and my rank was Supreme Being. That is not something I am yet. What should I do?

  5. Yeah me too. Have done it about 20 times. I guess I could try deleting it. How do u delete cloud saves tho?
  6. Has anyone experienced any glitchy achievements on the Xbox one version? I didn't get the achievement for the sword quest. Does anyone know of anything I can do besides replay the whole game? Thanks in advance.
  7. I have made 11 teams with one of my 20 logos, songs, and 8 of the characters for the team. The achievement is not popping. Did I do something wrong? Help please.....
  8. I am playing on the xbox one and I have gotten all the achievements up to this point. I did NOT get the breakdancer broker achievement. I stopped right there quit the game totally and tried again. Nothing happened. Does anyone know what I should do? Or have any issues? Thanks for any info anyone can give me.
  9. As of today, I have 3 achievements, in the past 7 days, that I know I have gotten, that have not yet popped. Is there someplace to contact bungie to complain. I have the xbox one version, btw. It is just really irritating me. I keep waiting for the day I turn the game on and they all pop, but it's been a week. Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light;)
  10. I played through the bombing and the music stops and the car just keeps on driving. Put the controller down to post this and it still going. Is this glitch? It has been like roughly 7 minutes. Any help or info on this would be greatly appreciated.
  11. If it was Xbox one gamer score all you have to do is unlock an achievement on Xbox one and it should be added back on when you play your 360 again. Hope this helps.
  12. Maybe if someone could just post a thread or something when this is fixed. I will never play these the first day again. I usually don't play them for like a week or so after they come out. Guess I will go back to that again. I also lost my x1 achievements, when I redownloaded my profile. Can playing something ever be easy?
  13. Sorry u had to give up on it :(

  14. Hey just saw this I gave up on it. It was the red brick one, and both manual ones, and there is one more tied to 100%ing the game. It was just four I believe.

  15. Yeah I got those under 100 as well. Can anyone help by adding me on their list to see if I can gift them? Gamer tag is St0rmyWeather For some reason it doesn't show on here.
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