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  1. I figured it out. The Chinese version (NOT the Japanese version) has English subtitles via a patch.
  2. Can anybody either confirm or deny that the Chinese version has English subs? I read that they were going to add English subs to the Chinese version, which I found for sale on Ebay, but I'd like to have it confirmed before I shell out the money for it. Thanks!!
  3. So this is even more strange - I just got done playing a little Gears and I checked out my achievements. I noticed my gamerscore for Saints Row was much higher than it was yesterday so I selected it. All the achievements that I was complaining about not unlocking are unlocked now. I didn't even boot up Saints Row and they magically unlocked somehow. Oh and I don't have notifications turned off in case you're thinking I'm just an idiot
  4. I've gotten some of them to pop like Matt's, CID's, and Keith David's but Ben King, Asha, Pierce, and Kinzie's won't pop for me. I think I might just give up on this game because now even story missions like "Game of Clones" aren't popping. Anybody else having these issues? Any workarounds?
  5. Thanks BiggD! I got sick of the no xp and I just couldn't stop playing so I tried this out. Here's what weird tho - almost said screw it because the 1st time I got like 65 xp and the 2nd time I only got 15 xp (I'm currently lvl 24). But the 3rd time I got 45 xp and 4th 50 xp. No idea how the game awards xp. Glad I stocked up on alchohest to replenish my stuff while meditating too.
  6. I just downloaded the 1.04 patch. I was doing the lvl 24 contract The Griffin from the Highlands as well as the lvl 24 quest Master Armorers because they are tied in together. I was lvl 20 at the start of these quests (4 lvls below recommended) and when I turned them in I got ZERO xp. I love this game but I'm going to have to hide it over at my brother's house until they fix it.
  7. I got the patch a couple days ago, already aware of the xp not being awarded problems so I was sure to make sure I was getting it upon completing quests. As weird as it sounds I was still gettin xp just fine (even leveled up) until today. Finished a huge main story quest and got nothing. I'll just wait until they patch the patch.
  8. I'm getting into the pre-sequel on my 360 and doubt I'll wanna start all over when it comes out on X1. Anybody know if you'll be able to import your progress and characters from the 360 to the X1 like GTA?
  9. I really don't care if they are Xbox exclusives I want, no DEMAND more Cave shmups. I am beyond terrible at them but loved the hell out of Deathsmiles and IIX. Gimme
  10. Yeah my family and I were pissed as hell. We were planning on using Skype with my family in Florida but nope. Luckily a couple people on each end had ipads and we did face time instead. Not the same as us watching each other open gifts on the big flat screens but oh well. So lack of XBL actually kept my family further apart on Christmas. As of 6:45 eastern time in NY I was able to get back on X1 but some apps were still down and Dragon Age said it couldn't connect to EA's servers but I played just fine. I hope these jerks take down something else next time. Set my credit card balance to zero and I might forgive them.
  11. I have mine going through a Denon 7.1 receiver via HDMI and I notice the "crackle" but just in a coupe games like Horizon 2. I have mine set at uncompressed. I just figured it was something in the game because my 360 going through the same receiver would do it sometimes too. The 7.1 in the X1 is sooooo much better than the 5.1 on the 360 imo. I'll try the bitstream sometime and update.
  12. I couldn't see where anybody posted this yet (insert link where it was already posted..... here lol) but I noticed on one of the last chapters that if you reload a checkpoint it saves all your kill totals, gold, enigma, whatever all the way up to right where you reload. This made it crazy easy for me to get the achievements for 80 cover kills with the rifle and 20 with the hand gun. I just kept reloading a checkpoint where there was a ton of bad guys and a great cover spot.
  13. Once you ascend enough you won't even have the option to ascend anymore - only option will be to "trancend" so you'll know you're going to. Also here's one I came across by accident - for some reason you don't loose legacy status on runes when you trancend. I don't remember when or why but at some point in my 1st play-thru I used a legacy pillar for a health rune and all health runes I picked up in my 2nd play-thru were auto legacy items.
  14. Okay I've been slightly obsessed with playing this game for at least an hour a day for a while now so I tend to notice things more than most people (I miss all the pumpkin dudes!). I know how many magic runes I need on my weapon to kill whatever enemy with whatever spell I'm using. My go-to spell for clearing out rooms has always been the chain lightning and all of a sudden today (Jan 23) I pop it off as usual and half the room is still standing! Switching spells yields the same results - enemies take a hell of lot more to kill them. I guess I can't complain too much, I've put in almost 200 hrs and only bought one 10 dollar soul pack. That's some serious value for the money. I just quit and re-started to see if something was messed up but nope. Guess new players will have to upgrade and repair their stuff a lot more. Also - beta I know.
  15. I haven't seen anybody else throw this up and I think it's a fairly new feature. At the end of every time you play, before you log off, warp back to the sanctum. Just pull up your map and press "X" to warp there. Now turn to the opposite side of the top champions - the path that goes to the endless dungeon - and before you go down the steps to all the doorways you will see a fire pit "forge". Equip your most expensive to repair and most used gear and press the button when prompted to repair. You'll get 2% fixed per hour for FREE on all your (equipped) gear!! You also don't have to keep the game running while this is going on. While your character is still going thru the animation of repairing press start and select to save and quit. If you log back on 24 hrs later your stuff will be almost half repaired!
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